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Afghanistanwheat flours, broadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, rolled tobacco, aircraft parts, synthetic fabrics (2019)
Albaniarefined petroleum, cars, tanned hides, packaged medical supplies, footwear parts (2019)
Algeriarefined petroleum, wheat, packaged medical supplies, milk, vehicle parts (2019)
American Samoaraw materials for canneries, food, petroleum products, machinery and parts
Andorracars, refined petroleum, perfumes, shaving products, liquors (2019)
Angolarefined petroleum, scrap vessels, meat, rice, palm oil (2019)
Anguillafuels, foodstuffs, manufactures, chemicals, trucks, textiles
Antigua and Barbudarefined petroleum, ships, cars, precious/semi-precious metals, recreational boats (2019)
Argentinacars, refined petroleum, vehicle parts, natural gas, soybeans (2019)
Armenianatural gas, cars, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, diamonds (2019)
Arubarefined petroleum, jewelry, cars, vehicle parts, tobacco products (2019)
Australiarefined petroleum, cars, crude petroleum, broadcasting equipment, delivery trucks (2019)
Austriacars, vehicle parts, broadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, packaged medical supplies (2019)
Azerbaijangold, cars, refined petroleum, wheat, packaged medical supplies (2019)
Bahamas, Theships, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, recreational boats, cars (2019)
Bahraincars, iron ore, jewelry, gold, gas turbines (2019)
Bangladeshrefined petroleum, cotton, natural gas, scrap iron, wheat (2019)
Barbadosrefined petroleum, ships, cars, shipping containers, packaged medicines (2019)
Belaruscrude petroleum, natural gas, cars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Belgiumcars, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, diamonds, natural gas (2019)
Belizerefined petroleum, cigarettes, recreational boats, natural gas, cars (2019)
Beninrice, cars, palm oil, electricity, cotton (2019)
Bermudaships, refined petroleum, postage stamps, recreational boats, aircraft (2019)
Bhutanrefined petroleum, iron products, delivery trucks, cars, wood charcoal (2019)
Boliviacars, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, iron, buses (2019)
Bosnia and Herzegovinarefined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, coal, electricity (2019)
Botswanadiamonds, refined petroleum, cars, delivery trucks, electricity (2019)
Brazilrefined petroleum, vehicle parts, crude petroleum, integrated circuits, pesticides (2019)
British Virgin Islandsrecreational boats, aircraft, refined petroleum, cars, furniture (2019)
Bruneicrude petroleum, refined petroleum, cars, tug boats, valves (2019)
Bulgariacrude petroleum, copper, cars, packaged medicines, refined petroleum (2019)
Burkina Fasorefined petroleum, delivery trucks, packaged medicines, electricity, aircraft (2019)
Burmarefined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, fabrics, motorcycles, packaged medicines (2019)
Burundirefined petroleum, packaged medicines, cement, raw sugar, cars (2019)
Cambodiarefined petroleum, clothing, gold, cars, flavored water (2019)
Camerooncrude petroleum, scrap vessels, rice, special purpose ships, packaged medicines (2019)
Canadacars and vehicle parts, delivery trucks, crude petroleum, refined petroleum (2019)
Cayman Islandsrecreational boats, ships, gold, refined petroleum, cars (2019)
Central African Republicrefined petroleum, packaged medicines, natural gas, broadcasting equipment, second-hand clothing (2019)
Chaddelivery trucks, paints, packaged medicines, aircraft, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Chilerefined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, delivery trucks (2019)
Chinacrude petroleum, integrated circuits, iron, natural gas, cars, gold (2019)
Christmas Islandrefined petroleum, cars, iron structures, aircraft, crustaceans (2019)
Cocos (Keeling) Islandsgold, x-ray equipment, cars, prefabricated buildings, packaged medicines (2019)
Colombiarefined petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines, corn (2019)
Comorosrice, chicken products, refined petroleum, cement, cars (2019)
Congo, Democratic Republic of thepackaged medicines, refined petroleum, sulfuric acid, stone processing machines, delivery trucks (2019)
Congo, Republic of theships, chicken products, refined petroleum, processed fish, packaged medicines (2019)
Cook Islandsships, refined petroleum, recreational boats, cars, flavored water (2019)
Costa Ricarefined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, cars, medical instruments, packaged medicines (2019)
Cote d'Ivoirecrude petroleum, rice, frozen fish, refined petroleum, packaged medicines (2019)
Croatiacrude petroleum, cars, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, electricity (2019)
Cubapoultry meat, wheat, soybean products, corn, concentrated milk (2019)
Curacaorefined petroleum, cars, crude petroleum, packaged medicines, perfumes (2019)
Cyprusrefined petroleum, ships, cars, coal tar oil, packaged medicines (2019)
Denmarkcars, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, crude petroleum, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Djiboutirefined petroleum, fertilizers, iron sheeting, cars, palm oil (2019)
Dominicarefined petroleum, natural gas, crude petroleum, recreational boats, cars (2019)
Dominican Republicrefined petroleum, cars, jewelry, natural gas, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Ecuadorrefined petroleum, coal tar oil, cars, packaged medicines, soybean products (2019)
Egyptrefined petroleum, wheat, crude petroleum, cars, packaged medicines (2019)
El Salvadorrefined petroleum, packaged medicines, clothing, broadcasting equipment, natural gas (2019)
Equatorial Guineagas turbines, beer, ships, industrial machinery, excavation machinery (2019)
Eritreamachinery, petroleum products, food, manufactured goods
Estoniacars, refined petroleum, coal tar oil, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines (2019)
Ethiopiaaircraft, gas turbines, packaged medicines, electric filament, cars (2019)
European Unionfuels and crude oil, machinery, vehicles, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, precious gemstones, textiles, aircraft, plastics, metals, ships
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)refined petroleum, spark-ignition engines, stone processing machinery, construction vehicles, cars (2019)
Faroe Islandsgoods for household consumption, machinery and transport equipment, fuels, raw materials and semi-manufactures, cars
Fijirefined petroleum, aircraft, cars, wheat, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Finlandcrude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines (2019)
Francecars, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, aircraft machinery (2019)
French Polynesiafuels, foodstuffs, machinery and equipment
Gabonpoultry meats, excavation machinery, packaged medicines, cars, rice (2019)
Gambia, Theclothing and apparel, refined petroleum, rice, raw sugar, palm oil (2019)
Gaza Stripfood, consumer goods, fuel
Georgiacars, refined petroleum, copper, packaged medicines, natural gas (2019)
Germanycars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, medical cultures/vaccines (2019)
Ghanametal tubing, ships, cars, refined petroleum, rice (2019)
Gibraltarrefined petroleum, recreational boats, cars, coal tar oil, crude petroleum (2019)
Greececrude petroleum, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, cars, ships (2019)
Greenlandfishing ships, refined petroleum, construction vehicles, crustaceans, delivery trucks (2019)
Grenadaaircraft, poultry meat, cars, refined petroleum, food preparation materials (2019)
Guamrefined petroleum, trunks/cases, cars, insulated wire, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Guatemalarefined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines, cars, delivery trucks (2019)
Guernseycoal, gasoline, oil, machinery, and equipment
Guinearice, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, delivery trucks, cars (2019)
Guinea-Bissaurefined petroleum, rice, wheat products, soups/broths, malt extract (2019)
Guyanaships, refined petroleum, excavation machinery, shipping containers, aircraft (2019)
Haitirefined petroleum, rice, clothing and apparel, palm oil, poultry meats (2019)
Hondurasrefined petroleum, clothing and apparel, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, insulated wiring (2019)
Hong Kongintegrated circuits, broadcasting equipment, office machinery, telephones, diamonds (2019)
Hungarycars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, crude petroleum (2019)
Icelandrefined petroleum, aluminum oxide, carbon/graphite electronics, cars, packaged medicines (2019)
Indiacrude petroleum, gold, coal, diamonds, natural gas (2019)
Indonesiarefined petroleum, crude petroleum, vehicle parts, telephones, natural gas (2019)
Iranrice, corn, broadcasting equipment, soybean products, beef (2019)
Iraqrefined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, cars, jewelry, cigarettes (2019)
Irelandaircraft, computers, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, medical cultures/vaccines (2019)
Israeldiamonds, cars, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Italycrude petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
Jamaicarefined petroleum, cars, crude petroleum, natural gas, packaged medicines (2019)
Japancrude petroleum, natural gas, coal, integrated circuits, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Jerseymachinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, foodstuffs, mineral fuels, chemicals
Jordancars, refined petroleum, natural gas, crude petroleum, clothing and apparel (2019)
Kazakhstanpackaged medicines, natural gas, cars, broadcasting equipment, aircraft (2019)
Kenyarefined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, wheat, iron products (2019)
Kiribatirefined petroleum, netting, raw sugar, rice, poultry meats (2019)
Korea, Northclothing and apparel, soybean oil, rice, wheat products, clocks/watches (2019)
Korea, Southcrude petroleum, integrated circuits, natural gas, refined petroleum, coal (2019)
Kosovofoodstuffs, livestock, wood, petroleum, chemicals, machinery, minerals, textiles, stone, ceramic and glass products, electrical equipment
Kuwaitcars, broadcasting equipment, natural gas, packaged medicines, jewelry (2019)
Kyrgyzstanrefined petroleum, footwear, clothing and apparel, broadcasting equipment, walnuts (2019)
Laosrefined petroleum, cars, cattle, iron structures, steel products (2019)
Latviarefined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, cars, packaged medicines, aircraft (2019)
Lebanonrefined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, jewelry, gold (2019)
Lesothorefined petroleum, clothing and apparel, packaged medicines, delivery trucks, poultry meats (2019)
Liberiaships, refined petroleum, iron structures, boat propellers, centrifuges (2019)
Libyarefined petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, cigarettes, jewelry (2019)
Liechtensteinagricultural products, raw materials, energy products, machinery, metal goods, textiles, foodstuffs, motor vehicles
Lithuaniacrude petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, electricity (2019)
Luxembourgcars, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, scrap iron, aircraft (2019)
Macaujewelry, watches, electricity, aircraft, cars (2019)
Madagascarrefined petroleum, rice, cars, packaged medicines, clothing and apparel (2019)
Malawipostage stamps, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, fertilizers, office machinery/parts (2019)
Malaysiaintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, broadcasting equipment, coal (2019)
Maldivesrefined petroleum, fruits, furniture, broadcasting equipment, lumber (2019)
Malirefined petroleum, clothing and apparel, packaged medicines, cement, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Maltarefined petroleum, recreational boats, ships, aircraft, coal tar oil (2019)
Marshall Islandsships, refined petroleum, centrifuges, recreational boats, boat propellers (2019)
Mauritaniaships, aircraft, wheat, raw sugar, refined petroleum (2019)
Mauritiusrefined petroleum, cars, fish products, aircraft, packaged medicines (2019)
Mexicointegrated circuits, refined petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, office machinery/parts, telephones (2019)
Micronesia, Federated States ofpoultry meats, netting, broadcasting equipment, various meats, fish products (2019)
Moldovarefined petroleum, cars, insulated wiring, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Monacojewelry, recreational boats, cars and vehicle parts, watches, general wares (2019)
Mongoliarefined petroleum, cars, delivery trucks, construction vehicles, aircraft (2019)
Montenegrorefined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, recreational boats, cigarettes (2019)
Montserratrefined petroleum, cars, oranges, electric motors, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Moroccorefined petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, natural gas, coal, low-voltage protection equipment (2019)
Mozambiquerefined petroleum, chromium, iron, bauxite, electricity (2019)
Namibiacopper, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, diamonds, cars (2019)
Naururefined petroleum, construction vehicles, tug boats, poultry meats, cars (2019)
Nepalrefined petroleum, iron, broadcasting equipment, natural gas, rice (2019)
Netherlandscrude petroleum, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, computers, cars (2019)
New Caledoniarefined petroleum, aircraft, coal, cars, packaged medicines (2019)
New Zealandcars, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, gas turbines (2019)
Nicaraguarefined petroleum, clothing and apparel, crude petroleum, packaged medicines, insulated wiring (2019)
Nigerrice, packaged medicines, palm oil, cars, cement (2019)
Nigeriarefined petroleum, cars, wheat, laboratory glassware, packaged medicines (2019)
Niuehydraulic engines, ships, refined petroleum, cars, plastics (2019)
Norfolk Islandclothing and apparel, chemical analysis instruments, refined petroleum, cars, kitchen machinery (2019)
Northern Mariana Islandsrefined petroleum, trunks/cases, cars, watches, jewelry (2019)
Norwaycars, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, natural gas, crude petroleum (2019)
Omancars, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, gold, iron (2019)
Pakistanrefined petroleum, crude petroleum, natural gas, palm oil, scrap iron (2019)
Palaurefined petroleum, fish, cars, broadcasting equipment, modeling instruments (2019)
Panamaships, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, tanker ships, packaged medicines (2019)
Papua New Guinearefined petroleum, excavation machinery, crude petroleum, foodstuffs, delivery trucks (2019)
Paraguaybroadcasting equipment, cars, pesticides, refined petroleum, tires (2019)
Perurefined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars, broadcasting equipment, delivery trucks (2019)
Philippinesintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, cars, crude petroleum, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Pitcairn Islandscrude petroleum, refined petroleum, food preparation products, plastics, iron fasteners (2019)
Polandcars and vehicle parts, crude petroleum,  packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, office machinery/parts (2019)
Portugalcars and vehicle parts, crude petroleum, aircraft, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, natural gas (2019)
Puerto Riconitrogen compounds, sulfur compounds, refined petroleum, medical cultures/vaccines, cars (2019)
Qataraircraft, gas turbines, cars, jewelry, iron piping (2019)
Romaniacars and vehicle parts, crude petroleum, packaged medicines, insulated wiring, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Russiacars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, aircraft, computers (2019)
Rwandarefined petroleum, gold, raw sugar, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Saint Barthelemyfurniture, wine, refined petroleum, jewelry, food preparation materials (2019)
Saint Kitts and Nevisrefined petroleum, jewelry, ships, cars, poultry meats, cement (2019)
Saint Luciacrude petroleum, refined petroleum, cars, poultry meats, natural gas (2019)
Saint Martinjewelry, diamonds, pearls, recreational boats, cars (2019)
Saint Pierre and Miquelonfood preparation, packaged medicines, low-voltage protection equipment, cars, computers, iron structures (2019)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesrefined petroleum, ships, poultry meats, tug boats, recreational boats (2019)
Samoarefined petroleum, iron products, poultry meats, cars, insulated wiring (2019)
San Marinoelectricity, cars, aluminum, footwear, natural gas, iron piping (2019)
Sao Tome and Principerefined petroleum, cars, rice, flavored water, postage stamps (2019)
Saudi Arabiacars, broadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, telephones (2019)
Senegalrefined petroleum, crude petroleum, rice, cars, malt extract, clothing and apparel (2019)
Serbiacrude petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
Seychellesrecreational boats, refined petroleum, fish, aircraft, cars (2019)
Sierra Leonerice, plastics, packaged medicines, sauces/seasonings, cars (2019)
Singaporeintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, gold, gas turbines (2019)
Slovakiacars and vehicle parts, broadcasting equipment, crude petroleum, natural gas, insulated wiring (2019)
Sloveniapackaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, electricity (2019)
Solomon Islandsrefined petroleum, fish, insulated wiring, broadcasting equipment, excavation machinery (2019)
Somaliacigarettes, raw sugar, rice, broadcasting equipment, textiles (2019)
South Africacrude petroleum, refined petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, gold, broadcasting equipment (2019)
South Sudancars, delivery trucks, packaged medicines, foodstuffs, clothing and apparel (2019)
Spaincrude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
Sri Lankarefined petroleum, textiles, gold, cars, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Sudanraw sugar, wheat, packaged medicines, jewelry, tires, cars and vehicle parts (2019)
Surinamerefined petroleum, delivery trucks, excavation machinery, cars, construction vehicles (2019)
Swedencars and vehicle parts, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, computers (2019)
Switzerlandgold, packaged medicines, jewelry, cars, medical cultures/vaccines (2019)
Syriacigarettes, broadcasting equipment, wheat flours, sunflower oil, refined petroleum (2019)
Taiwanintegrated circuits, crude petroleum, photography equipment, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
Tajikistanrefined petroleum, wheat, natural gas, bauxite, aircraft (2019)
Tanzaniarefined petroleum, palm oil, packaged medicines, cars, wheat (2019)
Thailandcrude petroleum, integrated circuits, natural gas, vehicle parts, gold (2019)
Togorefined petroleum, motorcycles, crude petroleum, rice, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Tokelauoscilloscopes, integrated circuits, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, orthopedic appliances (2019)
Tongarefined petroleum, poultry meats, audio equipment, mutton, goat meat, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Trinidad and Tobagorefined petroleum, excavation machinery, shipping containers, iron, cars (2019)
Tunisiarefined petroleum, natural gas, low-voltage protection equipment, cars, insulated wiring (2019)
Turkeygold, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, vehicle parts, scrap iron (2019)
Turkmenistaniron products, harvesting machinery, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, tractors (2019)
Turks and Caicos Islandsrefined petroleum, cars, jewelry, furniture, soybeans (2019)
Tuvalurefined petroleum, fishing ships, tug boats, other ships, iron structures (2019)
Ugandapackaged medicines, aircraft, delivery trucks, cars, wheat (2019)
Ukrainerefined petroleum, cars, packaged medicines, coal, natural gas (2019)
United Arab Emiratesgold, broadcasting equipment, jewelry, refined petroleum, diamonds (2019)
United Kingdomgold, cars, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment (2019)
United Statescars, crude petroleum, computers, broadcasting equipment, packaged medicines (2019)
Uruguaycrude petroleum, packaged medicines, cars, broadcasting equipment, delivery trucks (2019)
Uzbekistancars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, aircraft, construction vehicles (2019)
Vanuaturefined petroleum, fishing ships, delivery trucks, poultry meats, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Venezuelarefined petroleum, rice, corn, tires, soybean meal, wheat (2019)
Vietnamintegrated circuits, telephones, refined petroleum, textiles, semiconductors (2019)
Virgin Islandsrefined petroleum, crude petroleum, rubber piping, jewelry, beer (2019)
Wallis and Futunarefined petroleum, beef products, poultry meats, engine parts, packaged medicines (2019)
West Bankfood, consumer goods, construction materials, petroleum, chemicals

the whole range of industrial and agricultural goods and services

top ten - share of world trade: see listing for exports

Yemenwheat, refined petroleum, iron, rice, cars (2019)
Zambiarefined petroleum, crude petroleum, delivery trucks, gold, fertilizers (2019)
Zimbabwerefined petroleum, delivery trucks, packaged medicines, fertilizers, tractors (2019)

Source: CIA Factbook