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Afghanistangold, grapes, opium, fruits and nuts, insect resins, cotton, handwoven carpets, soapstone, scrap metal (2019)
Albanialeather footwear and parts, crude petroleum, iron alloys, clothing, electricity, perfumes (2019)
Algeriacrude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, fertilizers, ammonia (2019)
American Samoacanned tuna
Andorraintegrated circuits, medical supplies, essential oils, cars, tanned hides (2019)
Angolacrude petroleum, diamonds, natural gas, refined petroleum, ships (2019)
Anguillalobster, fish, livestock, salt, concrete blocks, rum
Antigua and Barbudaships, refined petroleum, precious/semi-precious metal scraps, rice, corn (2019)
Argentinasoybean products, corn, delivery trucks, wheat, frozen meat, gold (2019)
Armeniacopper ore, gold, tobacco, liquors, iron alloys (2019)
Arubarefined petroleum, liquors, scrap iron, soap, tobacco (2019)
Australiairon ore, coal, natural gas, gold, aluminum oxide (2019)
Austriacars, packaged medical supplies, vehicle parts, medical vaccines/cultures, flavored water (2019)
Azerbaijancrude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, tomatoes, gold (2019)
Bahamas, Theships, refined petroleum, nitrogen compounds, crustaceans, styrene polymers (2019)
Bahrainrefined petroleum, aluminum and plating, crude petroleum, iron ore, gold (2019)
Bangladeshclothing, knitwear, leather footwear (2019)
Barbadosrums and other hard liquor, ships, orthopedic appliances, cement, packaged medicines (2019)
Belarusrefined petroleum, fertilizers, cheese, delivery trucks, crude petroleum (2019)
Belgiumcars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, diamonds, natural gas (2019)
Belizeraw sugar, bananas, fruit juice, fish products, crude petroleum (2019)
Benincotton, refined petroleum, gold, cashews, copper (2019)
Bermudare-exports of pharmaceuticals
Bhutaniron alloys, dolomite, refined iron, cement, silicon carbides (2019)
Bolivianatural gas, gold, zinc, soybean oil and soy products, tin, silver, lead (2019)
Bosnia and Herzegovinaelectricity, seating, leather shoes, furniture, insulated wiring (2019)
Botswanadiamonds, insulated wiring, gold, beef, carbonates (2019)
Brazilsoybeans, crude petroleum, iron, corn, wood pulp products (2019)
British Virgin Islandsrecreational boats, aircraft, diamonds, paintings, precious stones (2019)
Bruneinatural gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, industrial alcohols, industrial hydrocarbons (2019)
Bulgariarefined petroleum, packaged medicines, copper, wheat, electricity (2019)
Burkina Fasogold, cotton, zinc, cashews, sesame seeds (2019)
Burmanatural gas, clothing products, rice, copper, dried legumes (2019)
Burundigold, coffee, tea, raw earth metal ores, wheat flours (2019)
Cambodiaclothing, precious metal scraps, trunks/cases, gold, leather footwear (2019)
Camerooncrude petroleum, cocoa beans, lumber, gold, natural gas, bananas (2019)
Canadacrude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, gold, refined petroleum, natural gas (2019)
Cayman Islandsrecreational boats, gold, broadcasting equipment, sulfates, collector's items (2019)
Central African Republiclumber, gold, diamonds, sea vessels, cocoa paste (2019)
Chadcrude petroleum, gold, livestock, sesame seeds, gum arabic, insect resins (2019)
Chilecopper, wood pulp, fish fillets, pitted fruits, wine (2019)
Chinabroadcasting equipment, computers, integrated circuits, office machinery and parts, telephones (2019)
Christmas Islandcalcium phosphates, fertilizers, valves, air pumps, industrial printers (2019)
Cocos (Keeling) Islandscomputers, packaged medicines, precious metal watches, office machinery/parts, chemical analysis instruments (2019)
Colombiacrude petroleum, coal, refined petroleum, coffee, gold (2019)
Comoroscloves, essential oils, vacuum flask, vanilla, scrap vessels (2019)
Congo, Democratic Republic of thecopper, cobalt, crude petroleum, diamonds (2019)
Congo, Republic of thecrude petroleum, copper, lumber, ships, refined petroleum (2019)
Cook Islandsfish products, recreational boats, precious metal scraps, fruit juice, chemical analysis instruments (2019)
Costa Ricamedical instruments, bananas, tropical fruits, orthopedic appliances, food preparations (2019)
Cote d'Ivoirecocoa beans, gold, rubber, refined petroleum, crude petroleum (2019)
Croatiarefined petroleum, packaged medicines, cars, medical cultures/vaccines, lumber (2019)
Cubacigars, raw sugar, nickel products, rum, zinc (2019)
Curacaogold, precious metal scraps, petroleum coke, frozen fish, coal tar oil (2019)
Cyprusships, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, cheese, crude petroleum (2019)
Denmarkpackaged medicines, electric generators, pork, refined petroleum, medical cultures/vaccines (2019)
Djiboutivarious animals, chlorides, dried legumes, industrial fatty acids/oils, coffee, chickpeas (2019)
Dominicamedical instruments, pharmaceuticals, low-voltage protection equipment, tropical fruits, bandages (2019)
Dominican Republicgold, medical instruments, cigars, low-voltage protection equipment, bananas (2019)
Ecuadorcrude petroleum, crustaceans, bananas, fish, refined petroleum (2019)
Egyptcrude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, natural gas, fertilizers (2019)
El Salvadortextiles and apparel, electrical capacitors, plastic lids, raw sugar, toilet paper (2019)
Equatorial Guineacrude petroleum, natural gas, industrial alcohols, lumber, veneer sheeting (2019)
Eritreagold and other minerals, livestock, sorghum, textiles, food, small industry manufactures
Estoniabroadcasting equipment, refined petroleum, coal tar oil, cars, prefabricated buildings (2019)
Ethiopiacoffee, sesame seeds, gold, cut flowers, zinc (2019)
European Unionmachinery, motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, fuels, aircraft, plastics, iron and steel, wood pulp and paper products, alcoholic beverages, furniture
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)mollusks, fish, wool, sheep/goat meats, engine parts (2019)
Faroe Islandsfish and fish products (97%) (2017 est.)
Fijiwater, refined petroleum, fish, raw sugar, gold (2019)
Finlandrefined petroleum, paper and wood pulp products, cars, stainless steel, lumber (2019)
Franceaircraft, packaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, gas turbines, wine (2019)
French Polynesiacultured pearls, coconut products, mother-of-pearl, vanilla, shark meat
Gaboncrude petroleum, manganese, lumber, veneer sheeting, refined petroleum (2019)
Gambia, Thelumber, cashews, refined petroleum, fish oil, ground nut oil (2019)
Gaza Stripstrawberries, carnations, vegetables, fish (small and irregular shipments, as permitted to transit the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing)
Georgiacopper, cars, iron alloys, wine, packaged medicines (2019)
Germanycars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, aircraft, medical cultures/vaccines, industrial machinery (2019)
Ghanagold, crude petroleum, cocoa products, manganese, cashews (2019)
Gibraltarcars, ships, refined petroleum, fish, recreational boats (2019)
Greecerefined petroleum, packaged medicines, aluminum plating, computers, cotton (2019)
Greenlandfish, crustaceans, fishing ships (2019)
Grenadafish, nutmeg, cocoa beans, fruits, wheat, toilet paper (2019)
Guamscrap iron, electric batteries, gas turbines, scrap copper, beauty products (2019)
Guatemalabananas, raw sugar, coffee, cardamom, palm oil (2019)
Guernseytomatoes, flowers and ferns, sweet peppers, eggplant, other vegetables
Guineaaluminum, gold, bauxite, diamonds, fish, cashews (2019)
Guinea-Bissaucashews, gold, fish, lumber, aluminum ores (2019)
Guyanaships, gold, shipping containers, excavation machinery, aluminum ores, rice (2019)
Haiticlothing and apparel, eels, essential oils, perfumes, mangoes, cocoa beans (2019)
Hondurasclothing and apparel, coffee, insulated wiring, bananas, palm oil (2019)
Hong Konggold, broadcasting equipment, integrated circuits, diamonds, telephones (2019)
Hungarycars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, spark-ignition engines, video displays, broadcasting equipment (2019)
Icelandaluminum and aluminum products, fish products, aircraft, iron alloys, animal meal (2019)
Indiarefined petroleum, diamonds, packaged medicines, jewelry, cars (2019)
Indonesiacoal, palm oil, natural gas, cars, gold (2019)
Irancrude petroleum, polymers, industrial alcohols, iron, pistachios (2019)
Iraqcrude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, dates, petroleum coke (2019)
Irelandmedical cultures/vaccines, nitrogen compounds, packaged medicines, integrated circuits, scented mixtures (2019)
Israeldiamonds, packaged medicines, medical instruments, integrated circuits, refined petroleum (2019)
Italypackaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, valves, trunks/cases, wine (2019)
Jamaicabauxite, refined petroleum, aluminum, rum, fruits, nuts (2019)
Japancars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, personal appliances, ships (2019)
Jerseylight industrial and electrical goods, dairy cattle, foodstuffs, textiles, flowers
Jordanfertilizers, calcium phosphates, packaged medicines, clothing and apparel, phosphoric acid (2019)
Kazakhstancrude petroleum, natural gas, copper, iron alloys, radioactive chemicals (2019)
Kenyatea, cut flowers, refined petroleum, coffee, titanium (2019)
Kiribatifish and fish produces, ships, coconut oil, copra (2019)
Korea, Northwatch components, fake hair, iron alloys, instructional models, tungsten (2019)
Korea, Southintegrated circuits, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, ships, office machinery (2019)
Kosovomining and processed metal products, scrap metals, leather products, machinery, appliances, prepared foodstuffs, beverages and tobacco, vegetable products, textiles and apparel
Kuwaitcrude petroleum, refined petroleum, aircraft, natural gas, industrial hydrocarbon products (2019)
Kyrgyzstangold, precious metals, various beans, refined petroleum, scrap copper (2019)
Laoselectricity, copper, rubber, gold, flavored water (2019)
Latvialumber, broadcasting equipment, whiskey and other hard liquors, wheat, packaged medicines (2019)
Lebanongold, jewelry, shotguns, diamonds, scrap copper (2019)
Lesothodiamonds, clothing and apparel, low-voltage protection equipment, wheat products, footwear (2019)
Liberiaships, iron, gold, rubber, crude petroleum (2019)
Libyacrude petroleum, natural gas, gold, refined petroleum, scrap iron (2019)
Liechtensteinsmall specialty machinery, connectors for audio and video, parts for motor vehicles, dental products, hardware, prepared foodstuffs, electronic equipment, optical products
Lithuaniarefined petroleum, furniture, cigarettes, wheat, polyethylene (2019)
Luxembourgiron and iron products, tires, cars, broadcasting equipment, clothing and apparel  (2019)
Macaubroadcasting equipment, jewelry, watches, trunks/cases, telephones (2019)
Madagascarvanilla, nickel, gold, clothing and apparel, gemstones (2019)
Malawitobacco, tea, raw sugar, beans, soybean products, clothing and apparel (2019)
Malaysiaintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, natural gas, semiconductors, palm oil (2019)
Maldivesfish products, natural gas, scrap iron, jewelry, liquid pumps (2019)
Maligold, cotton, sesame seeds, lumber, vegetable oils/residues (2019)
Maltaintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, children's toys and stuffed animals, postage stamps  (2019)
Marshall Islandsships, fish, recreational boats, broadcasting equipment, coal tar oil (2019)
Mauritaniairon ore, fish products, gold, mollusks, processed crustaceans (2019)
Mauritiusfish products, raw sugar, clothing and apparel, diamonds, refined petroleum (2019)
Mexicocars and vehicle parts, computers, delivery trucks, crude petroleum, insulated wiring (2019)
Micronesia, Federated States offish and fish products, coral/shells, scrap metals, mollusks, office machinery/parts (2019)
Moldovainsulated wiring, sunflower seeds, wine, corn, seats (2019)
Monacojewelry, perfumes, watches, packaged medicines, plastic products (2019)
Mongoliacoal, copper, gold, iron, crude petroleum (2019)
Montenegroaluminum, packaged medicines, cars, zinc, wine (2019)
Montserratsand, iron products, seats, medical instruments, fish (2019)
Moroccocars, insulated wiring, fertilizers, phosphoric acid, clothing and apparel (2019)
Mozambiquecoal, aluminum, natural gas, tobacco, electricity, gold, lumber (2019)
Namibiacopper, diamonds, uranium, thorium, gold, radioactive chemicals, fish (2019)
Naurufish, calcium phosphates, low-voltage protection equipment, air conditioners, leather apparel (2019)
Nepalpalm oil, clothing and apparel, carpets, soybean oil, flavored water (2019)
Netherlandsrefined petroleum, packaged medicines, broadcasting equipment, photography equipment, computers (2019)
New Caledoniairon alloys, nickel, cobalt, carbonates, essential oils (2019)
New Zealanddairy products, sheep/goat meats, lumber, beef products, fresh fruits (2019)
Nicaraguaclothing and apparel, gold, insulated wiring, coffee, beef (2019)
Nigergold, sesame seeds, uranium, natural gas, refined petroleum (2019)
Nigeriacrude petroleum, natural gas, scrap vessels, flexible metal tubing, cocoa beans (2019)
Niuetanker ships, fruit juice, thermostats, textiles, measurement devices/appliances (2019)
Norfolk Islandsoybean meal, Norfolk Island pine seeds, Kentia palm seeds, activated carbon, centrifuges, pesticides, postage stamps (2019)
Northern Mariana Islandsscrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, computers, laboratory diagnostic equipment (2019)
Norwaycrude petroleum, natural gas, fish, refined petroleum, aluminum (2019)
Omancrude petroleum, natural gas, refined petroleum, iron products, fertilizers (2019)
Pakistantextiles, clothing and apparel, rice, leather goods, surgical instruments (2019)
Palaufish, computers, broadcasting equipment, office machinery/parts, scrap vessels (2019)
Panamarefined petroleum, copper, bananas, ships, coal tar oil, packaged medicines (2019)
Papua New Guineanatural gas, gold, copper, lumber, crude petroleum, nickel, palm oil, fish, coffee (2019)
Paraguaysoybeans and soybean products, electricity, beef, corn, insulated wiring (2019)
Perucopper, gold, refined petroleum, zinc, fishmeal, tropical fruits, lead, iron, molybdenum (2019)
Philippinesintegrated circuits, office machinery/parts, insulated wiring, semiconductors, transformers (2019)
Pitcairn Islandsleather footwear, gas turbine parts, precious metal ores, clothing and apparel, beef (2019)
Polandcars and vehicle parts, seats, furniture, computers, video displays (2019)
Portugalcars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, leather footwear, paper products, tires (2019)
Puerto Ricopackaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, hormones, orthopedic and medical appliances, sulfur compounds (2019)
Qatarnatural gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ethylene polymers, fertilizers (2019)
Romaniacars and vehicle parts, insulated wiring, refined petroleum, electrical control boards, seats (2019)
Russiacrude petroleum, refined petroleum, natural gas, coal, wheat, iron (2019)
Rwandagold, refined petroleum, coffee, tea, tin (2019)
Saint Barthelemybeauty products, broadcasting equipment, sunflower seed oil, plastics, cars (2019)
Saint Kitts and Nevislow-voltage protection equipment, broadcasting equipment, measuring instruments, electric motor parts, electrical transformers (2019)
Saint Luciacrude petroleum, beer, jewelry, bananas, refined petroleum, rum (2019)
Saint Martingold, special use vessels, furniture, scrap aluminum, rum (2019)
Saint Pierre and Miqueloncrustaceans, fish, medical instruments, electrical parts, pasta (2019)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesnatural gas, drilling platforms and ships, recreational boats, collector's items, eddoes and dasheen (taro), arrowroot starch (2019)
Samoarefined petroleum, fish, fruit juice, coconut oil, beer (2019)
San Marinoindustrial washing/bottling machinery, packaged medicines, woodworking machinery, foodstuffs, aircraft (2019)
Sao Tome and Principegas turbines, cocoa beans, aircraft parts, iron products, chocolate (2019)
Saudi Arabiacrude petroleum, refined petroleum, polymers, industrial alcohols, natural gas (2019)
Senegalgold, refined petroleum, phosphoric acid, fish, ground nuts (2019)
Serbiainsulated wiring, tires, corn, cars, iron products, copper (2019)
Seychellesrefined petroleum, fish, recreational boats, cigarettes, animal meal (2019)
Sierra Leonetitanium, lumber, diamonds, aluminum, cocoa beans (2019)
Singaporeintegrated circuits, refined petroleum, gold, gas turbines, packaged medicines (2019)
Sint Maartensugar
Slovakiacars and vehicle parts, video displays, broadcasting equipment, tires, refined petroleum (2019)
Sloveniapackaged medicines, cars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, electrical lighting/signaling equipment, electricity (2019)
Solomon Islandslumber, fish, aluminum, palm oil, cocoa beans (2019)
Somaliagold, sheep, goats, sesame seeds, insect resins, cattle (2019)
South Africagold, platinum, cars, iron products, coal, manganese, diamonds  (2019)
South Sudancrude petroleum, gold, forage crops, lumber, insect resins (2019)
Spaincars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, packaged medicines, delivery trucks, clothing and apparel (2019)
Sri Lankaclothing and apparel, tea, used tires, rubber products, precious stones, cinnamon (2019)
Sudangold, crude petroleum, sesame seeds, sheep, goats, cotton, ground nuts (2019)
Surinamegold, lumber, refined petroleum, fish, cigarettes (2019)
Swedencars and vehicle parts, packaged medicines, refined petroleum, broadcasting equipment, lumber (2019)
Switzerlandgold, packaged medicines, medical cultures/vaccines, watches, jewelry (2019)
Syriaolive oil, cumin seeds, pistachios, tomatoes, apples, pears, spices, pitted fruits (2019)
Taiwanintegrated circuits, office machinery/parts, computers, refined petroleum, liquid crystal displays (2019)
Tajikistangold, aluminum, cotton, zinc, antimony, lead (2019)
Tanzaniagold, tobacco, cashews, sesame seeds, refined petroleum (2019)
Thailandoffice machinery/parts, cars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, delivery trucks, gold (2019)
Togorefined petroleum, crude petroleum, electricity, calcium phosphates, cotton (2019)
Tokelauoscilloscopes, house linens, fruits, nuts, recreational boats, iron products (2019)
Tongasquash, fish, various fruits and nuts, antiques, coral and shells (2019)
Trinidad and Tobagonatural gas, industrial alcohols, crude petroleum, ammonia, iron products, refined petroleum (2019)
Tunisiainsulated wiring, clothing and apparel, crude petroleum, olive oil, vehicle parts (2019)
Turkeycars and vehicle parts, refined petroleum, delivery trucks, jewelry, clothing and apparel (2019)
Turkmenistannatural gas, refined petroleum, crude petroleum, cotton fibers, fertilizers (2019)
Turks and Caicos Islandsplastic building materials, stone processing machinery, iron structures, crustaceans, integrated circuits (2019)
Tuvalufish, ships, coins, metal-clad products, electrical power accessories (2019)
Ugandagold, coffee, milk, fish and fish products, tobacco (2019)
Ukrainecorn, sunflower seed oils, iron and iron products, wheat, insulated wiring, rapeseed (2019)
United Arab Emiratescrude petroleum, refined petroleum, gold, jewelry, broadcasting equipment (2019)
United Kingdomcars, gas turbines, gold, crude petroleum, packaged medicines (2019)
United Statesrefined petroleum, crude petroleum, cars and vehicle parts, integrated circuits, aircraft (2019)
Uruguaysulfate wood pulp, beef, soybeans, concentrated milk, rice (2019)
Uzbekistangold, natural gas, cotton fibers, copper, ethylene polymers (2019)
Vanuatufish and fish products, tug boats, perfume plants, mollusks, cocoa beans (2019)
Venezuelacrude petroleum, refined petroleum, industrial alcohols, gold, iron (2019)
Vietnambroadcasting equipment, telephones, integrated circuits, footwear, furniture (2019)
Virgin Islandsrefined petroleum, jewelry, recreational boats, watches, rum (2019)
Wallis and Futunaintegrated circuits, jewelry, cars, aircraft parts, polyacetals (2019)
West Bankstone, olives, fruit, vegetables, limestone
Worldthe whole range of industrial and agricultural goods and services

top ten - share of world trade: 14.8 electrical machinery, including computers; 14.4 mineral fuels, including oil, coal, gas, and refined products; 14.2 nuclear reactors, boilers, and parts; 8.9 cars, trucks, and buses; 3.5 scientific and precision instruments; 3.4 plastics; 2.7 iron and steel; 2.6 organic chemicals; 2.6 pharmaceutical products; 1.9 diamonds, pearls, and precious stones (2007 est.)
Yemencrude petroleum, gold, fish, industrial chemical liquids, scrap iron (2019)
Zambiacopper, gold, gemstones, sulfuric acid, raw sugar, tobacco (2019)
Zimbabwegold, tobacco, iron alloys, nickel, diamonds, jewelry (2019)

Source: CIA Factbook