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Afghanistanwheat, milk, grapes, vegetables, potatoes, watermelons, melons, rice, onions, apples
Albaniamilk, maize, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, wheat, grapes, cucumbers, onions, apples
Algeriapotatoes, wheat, milk, watermelons, barley, onions, tomatoes, oranges, dates, vegetables
American Samoabananas, coconuts, vegetables, taro, breadfruit, yams, copra, pineapples, papayas; dairy products, livestock
Andorrasmall quantities of rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables, tobacco; sheep, cattle
Angolacassava, bananas, maize, sweet potatoes, pineapples, sugar cane, potatoes, citrus fruit, vegetables, cabbage
Anguillasmall quantities of tobacco, vegetables; cattle raising
Antigua and Barbudatropical fruit, milk, mangoes/guavas, melons, tomatoes, pineapples, lemons, limes, eggplants, onions
Argentinamaize, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane, milk, barley, sunflower seed, beef, grapes, potatoes
Armeniamilk, potatoes, grapes, vegetables, tomatoes, watermelons, wheat, apples, cabbages, barley
Arubaaloes; livestock; fish
Australiasugar cane, wheat, barley, milk, rapeseed, beef, cotton, grapes, poultry, potatoes
Austriamilk, maize, sugar beet, wheat, barley, potatoes, pork, triticale, grapes, apples
Azerbaijanmilk, wheat, potatoes, barley, tomatoes, watermelons, cotton, apples, maize, onions
Bahamas, Thesugar cane, grapefruit, vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, poultry, tropical fruit, oranges, coconuts, mangoes/guavas
Bahrainmutton, dates, milk, poultry, tomatoes, fruit, sheep offals, sheep skins, eggs, pumpkins
Bangladeshrice, potatoes, maize, sugar cane, milk, vegetables, onions, jute, mangoes/guavas, wheat
Barbadossugar cane, poultry, vegetables, milk, eggs, pork, coconuts, pulses nes, sweet potatoes, tropical fruit
Belarusmilk, potatoes, sugar beet, wheat, triticale, barley, maize, rye, rapeseed, poultry
Belgiumsugar beet, milk, potatoes, wheat, pork, lettuce, poultry, maize, barley, pears
Belizesugar care, oranges, bananas, maize, poultry, rice, sorghum, papayas, grapefruit, soybeans
Benincassava, yams, maize, cotton, oil palm fruit, rice, pineapples, tomatoes, vegetables, soybeans
Bermudabananas, vegetables, citrus, flowers; dairy products, honey
Bhutanmilk, rice, maize, potatoes, roots/tubers, oranges, areca nuts, chillies/peppers, spices, ginger
Boliviasugar cane, soybeans, potatoes, maize, sorghum, rice, milk, plantains, poultry, bananas
Bosnia and Herzegovinamaize, milk, vegetables, potatoes, wheat, plums/sloes, apples, barley, cabbages, poultry
Botswanamilk, roots/tubers, vegetables, sorghum, beef, game meat, watermelons, cabbages, goat milk, onions
Brazilsugar cane, soybeans, maize, milk, cassava, oranges, poultry, rice, beef, cotton
British Virgin Islandsfruits, vegetables; livestock, poultry; fish
Bruneipoultry, eggs, fruit, cassava, bananas, legumes, cucumbers, rice, pineapples, beef
Bulgariawheat, maize, sunflower seed, milk, barley, rapeseed, potatoes, grapes, tomatoes, watermelons
Burkina Fasosorghum, maize, millet, cotton, cow peas, sugar cane, groundnuts, rice, sesame seed, vegetables
Burmarice, sugar cane, beans, vegetables, milk, maize, poultry, groundnuts, fruit, plantains
Burundicassava, bananas, sweet potatoes, plantains, beans, vegetables, potatoes, cashew nuts, maize, taro
Cambodiacassava, rice, maize, vegetables, sugar cane, soybeans, rubber, oil palm fruit, bananas, pork
Camerooncassava, plantains, maize, oil palm fruit, taro, sugar cane, sorghum, tomatoes, bananas, vegetables
Canadawheat, rapeseed, maize, barley, milk, soybeans, potatoes, oats, peas, pork
Cayman Islandsvegetables, fruit; livestock; turtle farming
Central African Republiccassava, yams, groundnuts, taro, bananas, sugar cane, beef, maize, plantains, milk
Chadsorghum, groundnuts, millet, yams, cereals, sugar cane, beef, maize, cotton, cassava
Chilegrapes, apples, wheat, sugar beet, milk, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, poultry, pork
Chinamaize, rice, vegetables, wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, sweet potatoes
Christmas IslandNA
Cocos (Keeling) Islandsvegetables, bananas, pawpaws, coconuts
Colombiasugar cane, milk, oil palm fruit, potatoes, rice, bananas, cassava leaves, plantains, poultry, maize
Comoroscoconuts, cassava, rice, bananas, pulses nes, milk, taro, sweet potatoes, maize, cloves
Congo, Democratic Republic of thecassava, plantains, sugar cane, maize, oil palm fruit, rice, roots/tubers nes, bananas, sweet potatoes, groundnuts
Congo, Republic of thecassava, sugar cane, oil palm fruit, cassava leaves, bananas, plantains, roots/tubers, game meat, vegetables, mangoes/guavas
Cook Islandsvegetables, coconuts, roots/tubers nes, cassava, papayas, tomatoes, pork, fruit, sweet potatoes, mangoes/guavas
Costa Ricasugar cane, pineapples, bananas, milk, oil palm fruit, fruit, oranges, watermelons, cassava, rice
Cote d'Ivoireyams, cassava, cocoa, oil palm fruit, sugar cane, rice, plantains, maize, cashew nuts, rubber
Croatiamaize, wheat, sugar beet, milk, barley, soybeans, potatoes, pork, grapes, sunflower seed
Cubasugar cane, cassava, vegetables, plantains, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, milk, pumpkins, mangoes/guavas, rice
Curacaoaloe, sorghum, peanuts, vegetables, tropical fruit
Cyprusmilk, potatoes, pork, sheep milk, goat milk, barley, wheat, poultry, olives, tangerines/mandarins
Denmarkmilk, wheat, barley, potatoes, sugar beet, pork, rye, rapeseed, oats, poultry
Djiboutivegetables, milk, beef, camel milk, lemons, limes, goat meat, mutton, beans, tomatoes
Dominicabananas, yams, grapefruit, taro, milk, coconuts, oranges, yautia, plantains, sugar cane

note: forest and fishery potential not exploited
Dominican Republicsugar cane, bananas, papayas, rice, plantains, milk, avocados, fruit, pineapples, coconuts
Ecuadorsugar cane, bananas, milk, oil palm fruit, maize, rice, plantains, poultry, cocoa, potatoes
Egyptsugar cane, sugar beet, wheat, maize, tomatoes, rice, potatoes, oranges, onions, milk
El Salvadorsugar cane, maize, milk, poultry, sorghum, beans, coconuts, eggs, apples, oranges
Equatorial Guineasweet potatoes, cassava, roots/tubers nes, plantains, oil palm fruit, bananas, coconuts, coffee, cocoa, eggs
Eritreasorghum, milk, vegetables, barley, cereals, pulses nes, roots/tubers nes, wheat, millet, beef
Estoniawheat, milk, barley, rapeseed, rye, oats, peas, potatoes, pork, triticale
Ethiopiamaize, cereals, wheat, sorghum, milk, barley, sweet potatoes, roots/tubers nes, sugar cane, millet
European Unionwheat, barley, oilseeds, sugar beets, wine, grapes; dairy products, cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry; fish
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)fodder and vegetable crops; venison, sheep, dairy products; fish, squid
Faroe Islandspotatoes, mutton, sheep skins, sheep offals, beef, sheep fat, cattle offals, cattle hides, cattle fat
Fijisugar cane, cassava, taro, poultry, vegetables, coconuts, eggs, milk, ginger, sweet potatoes
Finlandmilk, barley, oats, wheat, potatoes, sugar beet, rye, pork, poultry, beef
Francewheat, sugar beet, milk, barley, maize, potatoes, grapes, rapeseed, pork, apples
French Polynesiacoconuts, fruit, roots/tubers nes, pineapples, cassava, sugar cane, eggs, tropical fruit, tomatoes
Gabonplantains, cassava, sugar cane, yams, taro, vegetables, maize, groundnuts, game meat, rubber
Gambia, Thegroundnuts, milk, oil palm fruit, millet, sorghum, rice, maize, vegetables, cassava, fruit
Gaza Striptomatoes, cucumbers, olives, poultry, milk, potatoes, sheep milk, eggplants, gourds
Georgiamilk, grapes, maize, potatoes, wheat, watermelons, tomatoes, tangerines/mandarins, barley, apples
Germanymilk, sugar beet, wheat, barley, potatoes, pork, maize, rye, rapeseed, triticale
Ghanacassava, yams, plantains, maize, oil palm fruit, taro, rice, cocoa, oranges, pineapples
Greecemaize, olives, wheat, milk, peaches/nectarines, oranges, tomatoes, grapes, milk, potatoes
Greenlandsheep, cattle, reindeer, fish, shellfish
Grenadabananas, watermelons, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, tomatoes, plantains, coconuts, melons, cucumbers, cabbages
Guamfruits, copra, vegetables; eggs, pork, poultry, beef
Guatemalasugar cane, bananas, oil palm fruit, maize, melons, potatoes, milk, plantains, pineapples, rubber
Guernseytomatoes, greenhouse flowers, sweet peppers, eggplant, fruit; Guernsey cattle
Guinearice, cassava, groundnuts, maize, oil palm fruit, fonio, plantains, sugar cane, sweet potatoes, vegetables
Guinea-Bissaurice, cashew nuts, roots/tubers nes, oil palm fruit, plantains, cassava, groundnuts, vegetables, coconuts, fruit
Guyanarice, sugar cane, coconuts, pumpkins, squash, gourds, milk, eggplants, green chillies/peppers, poultry
Haitisugar cane, cassava, mangoes/guavas, plantains, bananas, yams, avocados, maize, rice, vegetables
Hondurassugar cane, oil palm fruit, milk, bananas, maize, coffee, melons, oranges, poultry, beans
Hong Kongpork, poultry, spinach, vegetables, pork offals, game meat, fruit, lettuce, green onions, pig fat
Hungarymaize, wheat, milk, sunflower seed, barley, rapeseed, sugar beet, apples, pork, grapes
Icelandmilk, mutton, poultry, potatoes, barley, pork, eggs, beef, other meat, sheep skins
Indiasugar cane, rice, wheat, buffalo milk, milk, potatoes, vegetables, bananas, maize, mangoes/guavas
Indonesiaoil palm fruit, rice, maize, sugar cane, coconuts, cassava, bananas, eggs, poultry, rubber
Iranwheat, sugar cane, milk, sugar beet, tomatoes, barley, potatoes, oranges, poultry, apples
Iraqwheat, barley, dates, tomatoes, rice, maize, grapes, potatoes, rice, watermelons
Irelandmilk, barley, beef, wheat, potatoes, pork, oats, poultry, mushrooms/truffles, mutton
Israelmilk, potatoes, poultry, tomatoes, carrots, turnips, tangerines/mandarins, green chillies/peppers, eggs, vegetables
Italymilk, grapes, wheat, maize, tomatoes, apples, olives, sugar beet, oranges, rice
Jamaicasugar cane, goat milk, yams, poultry, coconuts, oranges, bananas, gourds, plantains, grapefruit
Japanrice, milk, sugar beet, vegetables, eggs, poultry, potatoes, cabbages, onions, pork
Jerseypotatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes; beef, dairy products
Jordantomatoes, poultry, olives, milk, potatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, watermelons, green chillies/peppers, peaches/nectarines
Kazakhstanwheat, milk, potatoes, barley, watermelons, melons, linseed, onions, maize, sunflower seed
Kenyasugar cane, milk, maize, potatoes, bananas, camel milk, cassava, sweet potatoes, mangoes/guavas, cabbages
Kiribaticoconuts, roots/tubers nes, bananas, vegetables, taro, tropical fruit, poultry, pork, nuts, eggs
Korea, Northrice, maize, vegetables, apples, potatoes, cabbages, fruit, sweet potatoes, beans, soybeans
Korea, Southrice, vegetables, cabbages, milk, onions, pork, poultry, eggs, tangerines/mandarins, potatoes
Kosovowheat, corn, berries, potatoes, peppers, fruit; dairy, livestock; fish
Kuwaiteggs, dates, tomatoes, cucumbers, poultry, milk, mutton, potatoes, vegetables, eggplants
Kyrgyzstanmilk, potatoes, sugar beet, maize, wheat, barley, tomatoes, watermelons, onions, carrots/turnips
Laosrice, roots/tubers nes, cassava, sugar cane, vegetables, bananas, maize, watermelons, coffee, taro
Latviawheat, milk, rapeseed, barley, oats, potatoes, rye, beans, pork, poultry
Lebanonpotatoes, milk, tomatoes, apples, oranges, olives, wheat, cucumbers, poultry, lemons
Lesothomilk, potatoes, maize, vegetables, fruit, beef, game meat, mutton, beans, wool
Liberiacassava, sugar cane, oil palm fruit, rice, bananas, vegetables, plantains, rubber, taro, maize
Libyapotatoes, watermelons, tomatoes, onions, dates, milk, olives, wheat, poultry, vegetables
Liechtensteinwheat, barley, corn, potatoes; livestock, dairy products
Lithuaniawheat, milk, sugar beet, rapeseed, barley, triticale, potatoes, oats, peas, beans
Luxembourgmilk, wheat, barley, triticale, potatoes, pork, beef, grapes, rapeseed, oats
Macaupork, poultry, beef, pig fat, pig offals, eggs, pepper, cattle offals, cattle hides, goose/guinea fowl meat
Madagascarrice, sugar cane, cassava, sweet potatoes, milk, vegetables, bananas, mangoes/guavas, tropical fruit, potatoes
Malawisweet potatoes, cassava, sugar cane, maize, mangoes/guavas, potatoes, tomatoes, pigeon peas, bananas, plantains
Malaysiaoil palm fruit, rice, poultry, eggs, vegetables, rubber, coconuts, bananas, pineapples, pork
Maldivespapayas, vegetables, roots/tubers nes, nuts, fruit, other meat, tomatoes, coconuts, bananas, maize
Malimaize, rice, millet, sorghum, mangoes/guavas, cotton, watermelons, green onions/shallots, okra, sugar cane
Maltamilk, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, cauliflowers, broccoli, eggplants, pork, cabbages, poultry
Marshall Islandscoconuts
Mauritaniarice, milk, goat milk, sheep milk, sorghum, mutton, beef, camel milk, camel meat, dates
Mauritiussugar cane, poultry, pumpkins, gourds, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes, pineapples, bananas, fruit
Mexicosugar cane, maize, milk, oranges, sorghum, tomatoes, poultry, wheat, green chillies/peppers, eggs
Micronesia, Federated States ofcoconuts, cassava, vegetables, sweet potatoes, bananas, pork, plantains, fruit, eggs, beef
Moldovamaize, wheat, sunflower seed, grapes, apples, sugar beet, milk, potatoes, barley, plums/sloes
Mongoliamilk, wheat, goat milk, potatoes, mutton, sheep milk, beef, goat meat, horse meat, carrots/turnips
Montenegromilk, potatoes, grapes, vegetables, tomatoes, watermelons, wheat, apples, cabbages, barley
Montserratcabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers; livestock products
Moroccowheat, sugar beet, milk, potatoes, olives, tangerines/mandarins, tomatoes, oranges, barley, onions
Mozambiquesugar cane, cassava, maize, milk, bananas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, sorghum, potatoes
Namibiaroots/tubers nes, milk, maize, onions, beef, grapes, fruit, pulses nes, vegetables, millet
Naurucoconuts, tropical fruit, vegetables, pork, eggs, pig offals, pig fat, poultry, papayas, cabbages
Nepalrice, vegetables, sugar cane, potatoes, maize, wheat, buffalo milk, milk, fruit, mangoes/guavas
Netherlandsmilk, potatoes, sugar beet, pork, onions, wheat, poultry, tomatoes, carrots/turnips, beef
New Caledoniacoconuts, vegetables, maize, fruit, beef, pork, potatoes, bananas, eggs, yams
New Zealandmilk, beef, kiwi fruit, apples, potatoes, mutton, grapes, wheat, barley, green onions/shallots
Nicaraguasugar cane, milk, rice, maize, plantains, groundnuts, cassava, beans, coffee, poultry
Nigermillet, cow peas, sorghum, onions, milk, groundnuts, cassava, cabbages, goat milk, fruit
Nigeriacassava, yams, maize, oil palm fruit, rice, vegetables, sorghum, groundnuts, fruit, sweet potatoes
Niuecoconuts, taro, fruit, sweet potatoes, tropical fruit, yams, vegetables, lemons, limes, bananas
Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island pine seed, Kentia palm seed, cereals, vegetables, fruit; cattle, poultry
Northern Mariana Islandsvegetables and melons, fruits and nuts; ornamental plants; livestock, poultry, eggs; fish and aquaculture products
Norwaymilk, barley, wheat, potatoes, oats, pork, poultry, beef, eggs, rye
Omandates, tomatoes, vegetables, goat milk, milk, cucumbers, green chillies/peppers, watermelons, sorghum, melons
Pakistansugar cane, buffalo milk, wheat, milk, rice, maize, potatoes, cotton, fruit, mangoes/guavas
Palaucoconuts, cassava (manioc, tapioca), sweet potatoes; fish, pigs, chickens, eggs, bananas, papaya, breadfruit, calamansi, soursop, Polynesian chestnuts, Polynesian almonds, mangoes, taro, guava, beans, cucumbers, squash/pumpkins (various), eggplant, green onions, kangkong (watercress), cabbages (various), radishes, betel nuts, melons, peppers, noni, okra
Panamasugar cane, bananas, rice, poultry, milk, plantains, pineapples, maize, beef, pork
Papua New Guineaoil palm fruit, bananas, coconuts, fruit, sweet potatoes, game meat, yams, roots/tubers nes, vegetables, taro
Paraguaysoybeans, sugar cane, maize, cassava, wheat, rice, beef, milk, oranges, oil palm fruit
Perusugar cane, potatoes, rice, plantains, milk, poultry, maize, cassava, oil palm fruit, grapes
Philippinessugar cane, rice, coconuts, maize, bananas, vegetables, tropical fruit, plantains, pineapples, cassava
Pitcairn Islandshoney; wide variety of fruits and vegetables; goats, chickens; fish
Polandmilk, sugar beet, wheat, potatoes, triticale, maize, barley, apples, mixed grains, rye
Portugalmilk, tomatoes, olives, grapes, maize, potatoes, pork, apples, oranges, poultry
Puerto Ricomilk, plantains, bananas, poultry, tomatoes, mangoes/guavas, eggs, oranges, gourds, papayas
Qatartomatoes, dates, camel milk, sheep milk, goat milk, pumpkins/gourds, mutton, poultry, milk, eggplants
Romaniamaize, wheat, milk, sunflower seed, potatoes, barley, grapes, sugar beet, rapeseed, plums/sloes
Russiawheat, sugar beet, milk, potatoes, barley, sunflower seed, maize, poultry, oats, soybeans
Rwandabananas, sweet potatoes, cassava, potatoes, plantains, beans, maize, gourds, milk, taro
Saint Kitts and Neviscoconuts, tropical fruit, roots/tubers nes, vegetables, sweet potatoes, pulses nes, watermelons, carrots/turnips, eggs, tomatoes
Saint Luciabananas, coconuts, fruit, tropical fruit, plantains, roots/tubers nes, cassava, poultry, vegetables, mangoes/guavas
Saint Pierre and Miquelonvegetables; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesbananas, sugar cane, roots/tubers nes, plantains, vegetables, fruit, coconuts, sweet potatoes, yams, mangoes/guavas
Samoacoconuts, taro, bananas, yams, tropical fruit, pineapples, mangoes/guavas, papayas, roots/tubers nes, pork
San Marinowheat, grapes, corn, olives; cattle, pigs, horses, beef, cheese, hides
Sao Tome and Principeplantains, oil palm fruit, coconuts, taro, bananas, fruit, cocoa, yams, cassava, maize
Saudi Arabiamilk, dates, poultry, fruit, watermelons, barley, wheat, potatoes, eggs, tomatoes
Senegalgroundnuts, watermelons, rice, sugar cane, cassava, millet, maize, onions, sorghum, vegetables
Serbiamaize, wheat, sugar beet, milk, sunflower seed, potatoes, soybeans, plums/sloes, apples, barley
Seychellescoconuts, vegetables, bananas, fruit, eggs, poultry, tomatoes, pork, tropical fruit, cassava
Sierra Leonecassava, rice, vegetables, oil palm fruit, sweet potatoes, milk, citrus fruit, groundnuts, fruit, pulses nes
Singaporepoultry, eggs, vegetables, pork, duck meat, spinach, pig offals, bird eggs, pig fat, cabbages
Sint Maartensugar
Slovakiawheat, maize, sugar beet, milk, barley, rapeseed, potatoes, sunflower seed, soybeans, pork
Sloveniamilk, maize, wheat, grapes, barley, potatoes, poultry, apples, beef, pork
Solomon Islandsoil palm fruit, sweet potatoes, coconuts, taro, yams, fruit, pulses nes, vegetables, cocoa, cassava
Somaliacamel milk, milk, sheep milk, goat milk, sugar cane, fruit, sorghum, cassava, vegetables, maize
South Africasugar cane, maize, milk, potatoes, grapes, poultry, oranges, wheat, soybeans, beef
South Sudanmilk, sorghum, vegetables, cassava, goat milk, fruit, beef, sesame seed, sheep milk, mutton
Spainbarley, milk, wheat, olives, grapes, tomatoes, pork, maize, oranges, sugar beet
Sri Lankarice, coconuts, sugar cane, plantains, milk, tea, cassava, maize, poultry, coir
Sudansugar cane, sorghum, milk, groundnuts, onions, sesame seed, goat milk, millet, bananas, wheat
Surinamerice, sugar cane, bananas, oranges, vegetables, plantains, coconuts, poultry, cassava, eggs
Swedenwheat, milk, sugar beet, barley, potatoes, oats, rapeseed, pork, rye, triticale
Switzerlandmilk, sugar beet, wheat, potatoes, pork, barley, apples, maize, beef, grapes
Syriawheat, barley, milk, olives, tomatoes, oranges, potatoes, sheep milk, lemons, limes
Taiwanrice, vegetables, pork, cabbages, poultry, sugar cane, milk, eggs, pineapples, tropical fruit
Tajikistanmilk, potatoes, wheat, watermelons, onions, tomatoes, vegetables, cotton, carrots/turnips, beef
Tanzaniacassava, maize, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, rice, bananas, vegetables, milk, beans, sunflower seed
Thailandsugar cane, cassava, rice, oil palm fruit, rubber, maize, tropical fruit, poultry, pineapples, mangoes/guavas
Togocassava, maize, yams, sorghum, beans, oil palm fruit, rice, vegetables, cotton, groundnuts
Tokelaucoconuts, roots/tubers nes, tropical fruit, pork, bananas, eggs, poultry, pig offals, pig fat, fruit
Tongacoconuts, gourds, cassava, sweet potatoes, vegetables, yams, taro, roots/tubers nes, plantains, lemons/limes
Trinidad and Tobagopoultry, fruit, coconuts, citrus fruit, milk, plantains, maize, oranges, eggs, gourds
Tunisiawheat, milk, tomatoes, barley, olives, watermelons, green chillies/peppers, potatoes, dates, green onions/shallots
Turkeymilk, wheat, sugar beet, tomatoes, barley, maize, potatoes, grapes, watermelons, apples
Turkmenistanmilk, wheat, cotton, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, grapes, sugar beet, beef, rice
Turks and Caicos Islandscorn, beans, cassava (manioc, tapioca), citrus fruits; fish
Tuvalucoconuts, vegetables, tropical fruit, bananas, roots/tubers nes, pork, poultry, eggs, pig fat, pig offals
Ugandasugar cane, plantains, cassava, maize, sweet potatoes, milk, vegetables, beans, bananas, sorghum
Ukrainemaize, wheat, potatoes, sunflower seed, sugar beet, milk, barley, soybeans, rapeseed, tomatoes
United Arab Emiratesdates, cucumbers, tomatoes, goat meat, eggs, milk, poultry, carrots/turnips, goat milk, milk
United Kingdomwheat, milk, barley, sugar beet, potatoes, rapeseed, poultry, oats, pork, beef
United Statesmaize, milk, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane, sugar beet, poultry, potatoes, cotton, pork
Uruguaysoybeans, milk, rice, maize, wheat, barley, beef, sugar cane, sorghum, oranges
Uzbekistanmilk, wheat, potatoes, carrots/turnips, cotton, tomatoes, vegetables, grapes, onions, watermelons
Vanuatucoconuts, roots/tubers nes, bananas, vegetables, pork, fruit, milk, beef, groundnuts, cocoa
Venezuelasugar cane, maize, milk, rice, plantains, bananas, pineapples, potatoes, beef, poultry
Vietnamrice, vegetables, sugar cane, cassava, maize, pork, fruit, bananas, coffee, coconuts
Virgin Islandsfruit, vegetables, sorghum; Senepol cattle
Wallis and Futunacoconuts, breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats; fish
West Banktomatoes, cucumbers, olives, poultry, milk, potatoes, sheep milk, eggplants, gourds
Yemenmangoes/guavas, potatoes, sorghum, onions, milk, poultry, watermelons, grapes, oranges, bananas
Zambiasugar cane, cassava, maize, milk, vegetables, soybeans, beef, tobacco, wheat, groundnuts
Zimbabwesugar cane, maize, milk, tobacco, cassava, vegetables, bananas, beef, cotton, oranges

Source: CIA Factbook