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Interesting Links of the Day – June 22, 2012

  1. Rio+20 Earth summit on 20 June – in pictures (The Guardian)
  2. Rio+20: Development banks to invest $175 billion in sustainable transport (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012)
  3. Rio+20: protecting the environment is not enough – Antonio Patriota (The Guardian)
  4. The greening (?) of agriculture in Latin America – John Nash (World Bank)


Interesting Links of the Day – June 20, 2012

  1. Let them eat laptops? Michael Trucano (World Bank)
  2. Bringing Access to Safe Water in Ceará, Brazil: PepsiCo Foundation and the Columbia Water Center to Participate in Rio+20 – Silvia Cruz-Vargas (State of the Planet)
  3. Greece and the Limits of Anti-Austerity – Mark Roe (Project Syndicate)