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  1. Leo Vogels

    for my master thesis finance I am looking for historical 3 month forward spot prices for (paper)pulp or wood. Can you help me where to find this information??
    Thanks in advance

  2. Rob Scott


    I am looking for a graph depicting rand pound sterling spot rates for the period 1994 to present. Can you help?

    Many thanks


  3. Sabine K McNeill

    Your site and blog are TERRIFIC, Miguel!!!

    I was sooooooooooo pleased to find it because I googled for ‘Staatsverschuldung’. I had faught my way through the CIA World Factbook, the UN data bases, etc. EXACTLY to compare the public debt data per country. I’d love to have the data on a per capita basis, too.

    With my very best wishes for more and more power to your elbows,

  4. Ximena Lombana

    Hi. Did you find prices for paper pulp?. I´m lookinkg for the same information. Could you help me?.

    Ximena Lombana

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