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Top Problems in Mexico

We recently came across the results of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project. According to the survey, the top problems in Mexico as reported by Mexican citizens are:

  1. Crime
  2. Cartel-related violence
  3. Illegal drugs
  4. Economic problems
  5. Corruption
  6. Terrorism
  7. Pollution
  8. Emigration for jobs

Do you agree with the ranking above? Are there any problems that you believe are more important?

Housing Market: Interesting Links of the Day – June 28, 2012

    1. Housing Exuberance Led by Shiller’s U.S. Glamorous Cities – Steve Matthews and Prashant Gopal (Bloomberg)
    2. After Years of False Hopes, Signs of a Turn in Housing – Binyamin Applebaum (New York Times)
    3. Nikkei 225 Rises on U.S. Housing Data, Japan Retail Sales – Norie Kuboyama (Business Week)
    4. OMG: The Housing Market Is Booming All Over The Place – Matthew Boesler (Business Insider)

Interesting Links of the Day – June 25, 2012

  1. Gender Equality: Smart Economics & Smart Business – Rachel Kyte (World Bank)
  2. Traders sue CME Group over price-settlement rule change – Andrew Harris (Futures Magazine)
  3. Poverty rates fell sharply in the new millennium – LTD Editors (World Bank)
  4. Bee book opens a window on key part of agriculture (Ganaderia Mexico)

Interesting Links of the Day – June 22, 2012

  1. Rio+20 Earth summit on 20 June – in pictures (The Guardian)
  2. Rio+20: Development banks to invest $175 billion in sustainable transport (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development 2012)
  3. Rio+20: protecting the environment is not enough – Antonio Patriota (The Guardian)
  4. The greening (?) of agriculture in Latin America – John Nash (World Bank)


Interesting Links of the Day – June 20, 2012

  1. Let them eat laptops? Michael Trucano (World Bank)
  2. Bringing Access to Safe Water in Ceará, Brazil: PepsiCo Foundation and the Columbia Water Center to Participate in Rio+20 – Silvia Cruz-Vargas (State of the Planet)
  3. Greece and the Limits of Anti-Austerity – Mark Roe (Project Syndicate)