Monthly Archives: April 2007

Improved country comparison and yearly trend line charts

One of the most popular sections in IndexMundi is the country comparison charting page. It allows you to chart one or more data series for one or more countries. An interesting example of what I’m talking about is a page that displays the population, GDP, and the number of people fit for military service for Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq. If you’ve used the comparison page in the past you’ll notice that I’ve made three important improvements. First, I’ve updated the charts with the most recent CIA Factbook numbers. Second, I’ve cleaned up a number of data quality problems that affected some of the graphs. I’m confident that I’ve eliminated most errors, and hope that you’ll let me know if you find any discrepancies. Finally, I’ve changed the default chart type from vertical 3D bars to 2D lines. Trend data is easier to visualize through line charts. Enjoy!

IndexMundi Country Comparison Charts