Monthly Archives: July 2012

Power Blackout in India Enters Second Day

  1. Electricity Transmission and Distribution in India: A report – World Energy Council
  2. 600 million without power in India after 3 power grids fail – Associated Press (USA Today)
  3. Power supply in eastern states hit by grid collapse (One India News)
  4. Blackout: India’s Mounting Power Crisis Enters Second Day – Palash R. Ghosh (International Business Times)
  5. India Endures World’s Largest Blackout – Sruthi Gottipati (New York Times)


U.S. Stimulus and GDP Growth for 2012

  1. Markets rally on strong expectations for euro, U.S. stimulus – John L. Caiazzo (Futures Magazine)
  2. U.S. treasuries continue to decline on growing stimulus speculation, U.S GDP growth slows to 1.5% in Q2 2012 – Global Macroeconomics Team (World Bank)
  3. US growth slows as consumers cut back on spending – Dominic Rushe (The Guardian)


Corruption Indicators

Firms expected to give gifts in meetings with tax officials (% of firms)

For someone living in a country where corruption is widespread, it is very easy to cite examples of corruption, bribery, graft, traffic of influences, nepotism, etc. Measuring corruption in a systematic way is, in contrast, a much more difficult task. Going through the database of World Bank indicators we found two indicators directly related to corruption:

Click on the links above to find out where your country ranks in terms of corruption. Note though that the World Bank does not have data for all countries.

For a far more comprehensive effort at measuring corruption, you may want to check the web site of Transparency International and its annual reports on corruption.