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Iconic Alcoholic Beverages by State

us favorite beer brands by state 2013This map prepared by Thrillist shows each state in the U.S. according to their most famous beer or alcoholic beverage brand.

In that sense, California is most famous for Sierra Nevada, Texas for Shiner Rock, Colorado for Coors, Massachusetts for Samuel Adams, Tennessee for Jack Daniels, Missouri for Budweiser, West Virginia for moonshine, Pennsylvania for Yuengling, and Wisconsin for Miller.


Alcohol Consumption Per Capita by Country

Alcohol consumption per capita by country

According to the the World Health Organization (WHO), alcohol consumption by adults on a per-capita basis is highest primarily in Eastern Europe. The Global Status Status Report on Alcohol and Health ranks Moldova, Hungary, and Russia at the top of the list. In Moldova, adults consume 18.22 liters of alcohol per year through a combination of beer, wine and spirits. How much alcohol is consumed in your country?

Of Beer and Politics

According to an article published by the National Journal, the brand of beer you drink is related to how you will vote in the upcoming elections. If you like Coors Light or Samuel Adams, you are likely to vote Republican. On the other hand, if you like Heineken or Guinness, you are likely to vote Democrat. Dos Equis and Bud Light are beer brands liked on both sides of the aisle.

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