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Power Blackout in India Enters Second Day

  1. Electricity Transmission and Distribution in India: A report – World Energy Council
  2. 600 million without power in India after 3 power grids fail – Associated Press (USA Today)
  3. Power supply in eastern states hit by grid collapse (One India News)
  4. Blackout: India’s Mounting Power Crisis Enters Second Day – Palash R. Ghosh (International Business Times)
  5. India Endures World’s Largest Blackout – Sruthi Gottipati (New York Times)


U.S. Stimulus and GDP Growth for 2012

  1. Markets rally on strong expectations for euro, U.S. stimulus – John L. Caiazzo (Futures Magazine)
  2. U.S. treasuries continue to decline on growing stimulus speculation, U.S GDP growth slows to 1.5% in Q2 2012 – Global Macroeconomics Team (World Bank)
  3. US growth slows as consumers cut back on spending – Dominic Rushe (The Guardian)


U.S. Drought, Corn and Food Prices – July 24, 2012

  1. US drought could trigger repeat of global food crisis, experts warn – Suzanne Goldenberg (The Guardian)
  2. Europe Heat Wave Wilting Corn Adds to U.S. Drought: Commodities – Rudy Ruitenberg (Bloomberg)
  3. Vilsack: House must pass drought help in farm bill – David Pitt (Business Week)
  4. Grain markets weather driven but selling pressure builds | Price rise too far, too fast? Allendale Inc. (Futures Magazine)
  5. European debt worries drive down commodities, end record streaks for corn, soybeans – Associated Press (Washington Post)


Texas Drought Update – July 20, 2012

  1. How One Drought Changed Texas Agriculture Forever – John Burnett (NPR)
  2. About Those High Beef Prices: Remember Last Year’s Drought In Texas? Angelo Young (International Business Times)
  3. Texas Drought: Recent rains bring little drought relief (Lower Colorado River Authority-LCRA)
  4. Texas Drought Facts (The Texas Drought Project)
  5. On Drought, Texas to Nation: We Know How You Feel – Scott Harvey (


U.S. Drought Conditions Still Severe – July 19, 2012

  1. Updated U.S. Drought Map (U.S. Drought Portal)
  2. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack on the worst drought in decades- Interview by Jeremy Hobson (
  3. High Corn Prices Will Raise Food Prices (Live Trading News)
  4. How droughts will reshape the United States – Brad Plumer (Washington Post)
  5. Grain futures hit highs on drought – Dow Jones Newswires (
  6. As corn burns, excess ethanol credits help dampen demand – Jonathan Leff and Janet McGurty, Reuters (Cattle Network)


U.S. Drought Threatens Crops and Cattle – July 18, 2012

  1. Drought dims U.S. farm economy hopes – Joshua Zumbrun and Mark Drajem, Bloomberg (Futures Magazine)
  2. Drought Worsens for Farmers and Ranchers – Jennifer Preston | The Lede (New York Times)
  3. Drought wreaking havoc on cattle, hog farmers – Jeff Caldwell (
  4. Huge Dramatic Photos Of The Drought That’s Devastating America’s Farmland – Mamta Badkar and Rob Wile (Business Insider)
  5. Here’s Every Product On The Planet That Has Corn In It [INFOGRAPHIC] – Rob Wile (Business Insider)

Corn and Drought Conditions – July 17, 2012

  1. STOCKS FALL, CORN SURGES: Here’s What You Need To Know – Sam Ro (Business Insider)
  2. DJ U.S. CORN: Trading Up On Drought, Worse Crop Condition Ratings – Dow Jones Commodities News (
  3. Drought Likely to Hit You Hard in the Pocketbook – Seth Perlman (
  4. U.S. Affected by Drought Conditions: Interactive Maps (U.S. Drought Portal)