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Health Insurance Rates by County for the U.S.

This map from The Daily Biz, created using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, shows health insurance rates by county for people under the age of 65 across the United States.

Darker areas represent the counties with higher rates of uninsured Americans, while lighter areas represent the counties with lower rates of uninsured people under age 65.

The higher rates of uninsured Americans can be found concentrated in the Western and Southwestern estates, and in some parts of the Southeast. By contrast, the rate of uninsured Americans is lower in the Northeast and parts of the Southeast and Midwest.


Life Expectancy at Birth for Women

Life expectancy at birth, for women, varies significantly across the world.

On one side of the spectrum, we find nations where the life expectancy at birth for females is 80.5 years or more. Countries in this group include the United States, Canada, Chile, several developed nations in Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea.

On the other side, we find nations where the life expectancy at birth for females is much lower, 62.0 years or less. This group is comprised by the majority of African countries, with the exception of North African nations, and Afghanistan.

Resource: The World Bank DataBank: Gender Statistics – Life expectancy at birth, female (years)


United Kingdom Facts

United Kingdom Facts

We just launched a new section with facts about the United Kingdom, its countries, and regions. We started with basic population indicators; we’ll be adding additional indicators over the coming weeks. Click on the following links to explore the thematic maps, ranking charts, and data tables we have so far: