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Parts of the World With No McDonald’s

countries without a mcdonalds

If you travel outside the United States the likelihood that you will find a McDonald’s is very high. However, there are still many countries that do not have one. Such is the case of most South Saharan African countries, with the exception of South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya; Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan in the Middle East; Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea in Asia; Cuba, Haiti, Bolivia, and Guyana in the America’s. It is interesting to see that Iceland, being a highly developed European nation, does not have one either.

Note: We found this interesting map on the web, but we were unable to find its original source to give it proper credit and link to it as the source for this blog post.


How Far Are You From the Nearest McDonald’s?

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According to this map, you cannot get too far away from a McDonald’s fast food chain store, at least not in the Eastern half of the United States. These restaurants tend to concentrate around populated centers and along highways.

This map, showing the distance to the nearest McDonald’s store, was based on a list of more than 13,000 stores located in the continental U.S.

For more detail, see: Data Pointed: Where The Buffalo Roamed – How Far Can You Get From McDonald’s?