Mobile Phone Penetration in India

According to the Department of Telecommunications of India, there were 346.9 million wireless telephones in India as of December 2008. Using a total population of 1,147,995,904 (July 2008 estimate), the penetration rate of cell phones was 30.2%. For comparison purposes, the penetration rate as of December 2007 was only 20.7%. In other words, the number of mobile phones in India increased by 113 million in 12 months, an astounding 48.5% growth rate.

You may also want to compare India’s mobile phone penetration to China’s mobile phone penetration.

2 thoughts on “Mobile Phone Penetration in India

  1. It’s interesting that China’s growth has been linear (20% linear growth over 4 years, or roughly 5% per year). Whereas India’s is 10.5% in one year. It had taken China two years to go from a 20.7% penetration to a 30.2% penetration, whereas India managed that in one year. Very interesting.

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