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Rare Earth Metals Caught In Trade War

Hackaday - 5/27/2023 12:00:00 AM
from the Scandinavian peninsula where scandium gets its name, to South Africa, Brazil, Russia, California, and southern China. Rare earth elements have even been found in abundance in the mud at ...

Know your rhodium from your rhenium? These crazy rare metals could put miners on the map

The Courier-Mail - 5/10/2023 12:22:00 PM
Were you always a little strange? Perhaps a bit different in high school? Didn’t get to hang out with the cool and popular crowd?

Rare Earth Metals See Prices Plunge

Crude Oil Prices - 5/4/2023 10:29:00 AM
One of the biggest culprits is rising supply and falling demand. Prices for rare earth metals have also decreased due to new mining initiatives cropping up globally. While some parts of the ...

Neo Performance Materials: In The Right Part Of The Value Chain

Seeking Alpha - 5/16/2023 1:02:00 PM
Though we speak of the four consecutive quarters of rare earth price declines ... metals and one of the global experts in the metal scandium. He is also a Fellow at the Adam Smith Inst in London ...

This Rare Earths Stock Just Crushed Its Earnings Report -- So Why Is No One Buying?

The Motley Fool - 5/9/2023 10:14:00 AM
Prices for praseodymium and neodymium were tumbling, and MP's earnings from selling these metals, invaluable for the production of rare earth magnets, were expected to fall as well. Analysts ...

Massive rare earth discoveries could mean a new mining rush in the Mountain West

Aspen Public Radio - 5/26/2023 11:36:00 PM
The batteries in your cell phone, the glass in solar panels and other important materials all depend on rare earth minerals. That’s leading to a new mining rush in the West.

Study estimates amount of lucrative metals in Odisha bauxite waste

The Hindu - 4/3/2023 9:59:00 AM
Scientists from the Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar, have estimated the quantity of rare earth elements ... neodymium, and scandium. These metals have ...

Scientists find 15 Rare Earth Elements in AP's Ananthapur

MSN - 4/8/2023 6:28:00 AM
Hyderabad-based National Geophysical Research Institute has found large deposits of 15 rare earth elements (REE) in Andhra Pradesh's Anantapur district. REE is a key component in many electronic ...

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