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New beef risk management tool set for February launch

Beef Central - 1/21/2022 4:47:00 AM
A new beef industry supply chain risk management tool is drawing closer to commercial launch – likely around mid-February. Project developer StoneX is readying its new cash-settled Feeder Cattle Swaps product for launch,

The Monster Is Loose

AgWeb - 1/21/2022 11:25:00 PM
The Monster is Loose, notable not only for the title track but for another song with a nod to agriculture titled In the Land of the Pig, the Butcher is King. We’re going to focus on the monster roaming in the ag commodities this week.

3 Questions for the 2022 cattle market

Markets - 1/12/2022 3:59:00 PM
I remain bullish on the 2022 market and think we will see our best spring calf market since 2016, but unknowns always exist. So, I wanted to focus this week’s discussion on three key questions that I think will drive this year’s calf market.

Don't confuse shortage with increased scarcity

Markets - 1/19/2022 8:06:00 AM
Shortage is a nebulous concept that means different things to different people. Consumers may see a shortage of 99-cent-per-pound ground beef. But if a shortage of ground beef at $4.99 per pound exists,

Feed corn shipments take sharp jump

The Western Producer - 1/20/2022 10:03:00 PM
Feed corn is proving to be a lifeline to western Canadian ranchers. Millions of tonnes are being imported into Canada from the United States following a

Cattle market factors being closely watched

Yahoo - 1/19/2022 6:38:00 PM
Drought and the ongoing pandemic could make cattle markets bumpy over the next few weeks, but economists say the underlying fundamentals remain strong.

Price spike to raise maize acreage

The Daily Star - 1/22/2022 7:21:00 PM
Maize is being traded for as much as Tk 30 per kilogramme (kg), the highest on record in Bangladesh, influenced by high international prices, a development that has created interest among many growers to expand cultivation of the grain,

N-Rich Strips increase yield and marketing precision

Enid News & Eagle - 1/23/2022 10:30:00 AM
Simply put, it maximizes yield by getting the nitrogen where you need it and in the quantity that you need it. With high nitrogen costs and the need to maximize yields in today’s higher input cost environment,

Palmer amaranth from sunflower screenings could cost North Dakota cattleman $30K per year

AGWeek - 1/20/2022 6:32:00 PM
A Barnes County, N.D., rancher wonders why the North Dakota Department of Agriculture couldn't stop a Fargo, N.D., source of sunflower "screenings" as a feed product when they knew it had been partially banned in Minnesota for excessive Palmer amaranth weed seeds.

Farm Bureau Delegates Get Calf Roped Over Cattle Market Reforms

dtnpf.com - 1/11/2022 7:58:00 PM
Tuesday at AFBF's annual meeting is typically a daylong series of debates as the 346 delegates wade through 200-plus pages of their policy book to add and rework policies regarding an array of topics.

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