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The listing price of rare earths in South China on January 4 has been slightly increased for various varieties of medium and heavy rare earths.

Metal - 1/6/2022 8:47:00 AM
South China was slightly raised on January 4] A few days ago, Southern rare earths announced the latest listing prices of medium and heavy rare earth oxides, which rose slightly this week, of which europium oxide,

Pentagon Says Rare Earth Elements Less at Risk

The Diplomat - 8/17/2020 4:41:00 AM
“Prices for most rare earth oxides and metals have declined ... applications for seven of the rare earths: dysprosium, erbium, europium, gadolinium, neodymium, praseodymium and yttrium.

China Merges Three Rare Earths State-Owned Entities to Increase Pricing Power and Efficiency

China Briefing - 1/12/2022 9:49:00 AM
China is consolidating its rare earths industry to control pricing levels, impose export controls, and secure strategic, economic, and sustainability goals.

Erbium Acetate Market Report 2021: Global Industry Trends, Competitive Landscape, Development Strategy, and Regional Forecast 2027

WBOC - 12/16/2021 12:00:00 AM
Rare Earth Products, AMERICAN ELEMENTS, Alfa Aesar, Ereztech, Gelest, MaTecK The Global “Erbium Acetate Market” report covers historic data, market size, opportunities, current trends ...

Fiber Laser Market Competitive Research, Demand and Precise Outlook 2021-2030 - 12/16/2021 2:44:00 PM
The optical fiber used in the fiber laser is doped with rare earth metals such as ytterbium, erbium, neodymium and ... of raw materials at affordable prices are expected to boost the market ...

Mining Stocks Continue Surge As Traders Buy EV Stocks In 2022

Daily Herald - 1/3/2022 4:54:00 PM
It is “new year, new me” in the broader sense when it comes to mining stocks. Most traders consider “mining” as an old industry. Things like precious metals, gold, silver, etc.; the “boring” metals that hedge against inflation is usually somewhere on the list.

Industrial Fiber Laser Market Overview 2021: Top Key Players Analysis, Future Growth, Development, Revenue and Forecast 2026

WBOC - 12/9/2021 12:00:00 AM
A fiber laser (or fibre laser in British English) is a laser in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, dysprosium ...

Global Erbium Chloride Market 2021 Growth Statistics, New Opportunities, Competitive Outlook and COVID-19 Analysis 2027

MarketWatch - 1/9/2022 12:00:00 AM
Jan 09, 2022 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) -- released a report on the Global Erbium Chloride Market ... sudden increase/decrease in prices, government restrictions on trade ...

Global Erbium Acetate Market 2021 - 2027 Business Statistics of Report that Emphasizes the impact of COVID-19

MarketWatch - 1/9/2022 12:00:00 AM
Jan 09, 2022 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) -- Global Erbium Acetate Market 2021 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2027 is a study released by

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