Source CountryDestination CountryNo. of Deals
United StatesUnited Kingdom9
BrazilUnited Kingdom8
IndiaUnited Kingdom7
GhanaUnited Kingdom6
PakistanUnited Kingdom5
NigeriaUnited Kingdom4
UkraineUnited Kingdom3
BangladeshUnited Kingdom2
ColombiaUnited Kingdom2
Cote d'IvoireUnited Kingdom2
MalaysiaUnited Kingdom2
New ZealandUnited Kingdom2
NicaraguaUnited Kingdom2
RussiaUnited Kingdom2
VenezuelaUnited Kingdom2
AlgeriaUnited Kingdom1
ArgentinaUnited Kingdom1
BelarusUnited Kingdom1
BulgariaUnited Kingdom1
CanadaUnited Kingdom1
ChileUnited Kingdom1
ChinaUnited Kingdom1
El SalvadorUnited Kingdom1
EthiopiaUnited Kingdom1
FijiUnited Kingdom1
GuyanaUnited Kingdom1
IndonesiaUnited Kingdom1
IrelandUnited Kingdom1
ItalyUnited Kingdom1
JamaicaUnited Kingdom1
JapanUnited Kingdom1
LithuaniaUnited Kingdom1
MexicoUnited Kingdom1
NepalUnited Kingdom1
NorwayUnited Kingdom1
PolandUnited Kingdom1
Saudi ArabiaUnited Kingdom1
Sri LankaUnited Kingdom1
TanzaniaUnited Kingdom1
ThailandUnited Kingdom1
United Arab EmiratesUnited Kingdom1
UzbekistanUnited Kingdom1
VietnamUnited Kingdom1

Explanation: The map above displays trade flows of commodities around the World. Data for each trade deal was obtained through a survey of commodity traders who visit the commodities section within IndexMundi.

Note that you can click on the lines on the map to display details about each trade flow. Darker colored lines represent larger trade volumes.