Source CountryDestination CountryNo. of Deals
United KingdomUnited States3
United KingdomBangladesh2
United KingdomIreland2
United KingdomSaudi Arabia2
United KingdomAfghanistan1
United KingdomAlbania1
United KingdomAngola1
United KingdomArgentina1
United KingdomAustria1
United KingdomBahrain1
United KingdomBarbados1
United KingdomBelgium1
United KingdomBhutan1
United KingdomBritish Indian Ocean Territory1
United KingdomBulgaria1
United KingdomCroatia1
United KingdomCyprus1
United KingdomFrance1
United KingdomGermany1
United KingdomIraq1
United KingdomIsrael1
United KingdomJapan1
United KingdomMalta1
United KingdomPoland1
United KingdomSpain1
United KingdomSudan1
United KingdomUganda1

Explanation: The map above displays trade flows of commodities around the World. Data for each trade deal was obtained through a survey of commodity traders who visit the commodities section within IndexMundi.

Note that you can click on the lines on the map to display details about each trade flow. Darker colored lines represent larger trade volumes.