Source CountryDestination CountryNo. of Deals
United StatesChina25
United StatesIndia16
United StatesIraq10
United StatesEgypt9
United StatesUnited Kingdom9
United StatesTurkey8
United StatesPakistan7
United StatesUnited Arab Emirates6
United StatesCanada5
United StatesJapan5
United StatesMalaysia5
United StatesAustralia4
United StatesBrazil4
United StatesIndonesia4
United StatesKorea, South4
United StatesMexico4
United StatesAfghanistan3
United StatesArgentina3
United StatesGhana3
United StatesHong Kong3
United StatesItaly3
United StatesJordan3
United StatesKenya3
United StatesNigeria3
United StatesPhilippines3
United StatesAlbania2
United StatesBangladesh2
United StatesBulgaria2
United StatesColombia2
United StatesCosta Rica2
United StatesCroatia2
United StatesDominican Republic2
United StatesEcuador2
United StatesEl Salvador2
United StatesGermany2
United StatesHaiti2
United StatesHonduras2
United StatesIran2
United StatesMalawi2
United StatesPeru2
United StatesRomania2
United StatesSaudi Arabia2
United StatesSpain2
United StatesVenezuela2
United StatesAlgeria1
United StatesAmerican Samoa1
United StatesAustria1
United StatesBahamas, The1
United StatesBarbados1
United StatesBhutan1
United StatesBosnia and Herzegovina1
United StatesCameroon1
United StatesCuba1
United StatesFrance1
United StatesGambia, The1
United StatesGuam1
United StatesGuinea1
United StatesIreland1
United StatesKazakhstan1
United StatesKorea, North1
United StatesKuwait1
United StatesLatvia1
United StatesLebanon1
United StatesMacedonia1
United StatesMadagascar1
United StatesMongolia1
United StatesMorocco1
United StatesNew Zealand1
United StatesPortugal1
United StatesPuerto Rico1
United StatesSingapore1
United StatesSouth Africa1
United StatesSwitzerland1
United StatesThailand1
United StatesTunisia1
United StatesVietnam1

Explanation: The map above displays trade flows of commodities around the World. Data for each trade deal was obtained through a survey of commodity traders who visit the commodities section within IndexMundi.

Note that you can click on the lines on the map to display details about each trade flow. Darker colored lines represent larger trade volumes.