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Commodity Agricultural Raw Materials Index
Commodity Beverage Price Index
Commodity Price Index
Commodity Fuel (energy) Index
Commodity Food and Beverage Price Index
Commodity Food Price Index
Commodity Industrial Inputs Price Index
Commodity Metals Price Index
Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index
Crude Oil (petroleum), Price index


CBOT Denatured Fuel Ethanol
Central Appalachian Coal
Coal, Australian thermal coal
Coal, South African export price
Coal, Colombia
Crude Oil (petroleum)
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dated Brent
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dubai Fateh
Crude Oil (petroleum); West Texas Intermediate
Gulf Coast Sour Crude Oil
Gulf Coast Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)
Heating Oil
Indonesian Liquified Natural Gas
Jet Fuel
Natural Gas
New York Harbor Ethanol
RBOB Gasoline
Russian Export Blend Crude Oil
Russian Natural Gas
Western Canadian Select Crude Oil


Cocoa beans
Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas
Coffee, Robusta


Canadian Wheat
Maize (corn)
Rough Rice
Soft Red Winter Wheat




Poultry (chicken)
Swine (pork)


Fish (salmon)


Sugar, European import price
Sugar, U.S. import price

Vegetable Oils and Protein Meal

Coconut Oil
Olive Oil, extra virgin
Palm Kernel Oil
Palm oil
Peanut Oil
Groundnuts (peanuts)
Rapeseed Oil
Soybean Crush
Soybean Meal
Soybean Oil
Sunflower oil

Agricultural Raw Materials

Coarse Wool
Fine Wool
Hard Logs
Hard Sawnwood
Random Length Lumber
Soft Logs
Soft Sawnwood
Wood Pulp


Cold-rolled steel
Copper, grade A cathode
Hot-rolled steel
Iron Ore
Steel wire rod
U.S. Midwest Domestic Hot-Rolled Coil Steel Index


DAP fertilizer
Potassium Chloride
Rock Phosphate
Triple Superphosphate


Feeder Cattle
Live Cattle


Cash-Settled Butter
Class III Milk
Class IV Milk
Dry Whey
International Skimmed Milk Powder
Nonfat Dry Milk

Commodity Prices

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Commodity1 Month Change12 Month ChangeYear to Date Change
Commodity Agricultural Raw Materials Index-1.34 %-10.65 %-0.75 %
Commodity Beverage Price Index-4.73 %-9.75 %-4.35 %
Commodity Price Index-2.77 %-35.81 %2.35 %
Commodity Fuel (energy) Index-3.15 %-45.08 %8.34 %
Commodity Food and Beverage Price Index-2.79 %-20.19 %-5.94 %
Commodity Food Price Index-2.55 %-21.32 %-6.13 %
Commodity Industrial Inputs Price Index-1.70 %-15.42 %-2.74 %
Commodity Metals Price Index-1.95 %-18.43 %-4.07 %
Commodity Non-Fuel Price Index-2.28 %-18.00 %-4.45 %
Crude Oil (petroleum), Price index-3.76 %-49.12 %11.70 %
Coal, Australian thermal coal-1.28 %-17.35 %-2.39 %
Coal, South African export price-3.59 %-18.22 %-1.88 %
Crude Oil (petroleum)-3.82 %-49.22 %11.34 %
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dated Brent-3.69 %-48.06 %15.22 %
Crude Oil (petroleum); Dubai Fateh-2.21 %-47.28 %18.49 %
Crude Oil (petroleum); West Texas Intermediate-5.80 %-52.49 %0.38 %
Diesel-6.78 %-37.99 %10.61 %
Gasoline2.30 %-40.31 %20.53 %
Heating Oil-12.87 %-43.96 %0.99 %
Indonesian Liquified Natural Gas0.00 %-18.59 %-6.45 %
Jet Fuel-7.18 %-43.63 %8.89 %
Natural Gas-1.75 %-42.62 %-5.72 %
Propane-5.41 %-49.06 %13.39 %
RBOB Gasoline3.86 %-30.30 %55.03 %
Russian Natural Gas0.00 %-13.10 %-2.21 %
Cocoa beans-2.83 %-5.38 %-1.29 %
Coffee, Other Mild Arabicas-11.07 %-25.94 %-16.18 %
Coffee, Robusta-5.47 %-12.36 %-4.16 %
Tea3.78 %29.37 %14.07 %
Barley3.08 %-17.46 %0.59 %
Canadian Wheat   
Maize (corn)0.31 %-21.63 %-0.27 %
Rice-2.14 %-7.70 %-2.18 %
Soft Red Winter Wheat-0.48 %-23.74 %-5.47 %
Sorghum4.53 %5.86 %7.41 %
Wheat-2.66 %-28.66 %-7.10 %
Bananas8.18 %8.18 %14.74 %
Oranges-10.07 %-21.63 %-16.45 %
Beef-0.99 %5.08 %-10.44 %
Poultry (chicken)0.44 %8.57 %0.15 %
Lamb-5.77 %-9.68 %-9.93 %
Swine (pork)-0.21 %-45.49 %-15.47 %
Fish (salmon)-7.71 %-30.69 %-13.45 %
Shrimp0.00 %-9.01 %0.00 %
Sugar-11.51 %-28.23 %-14.74 %
Sugar, European import price-2.28 %-9.88 %-1.03 %
Sugar, U.S. import price-0.89 %6.04 %-3.33 %
Coconut Oil-7.74 %-21.38 %-5.44 %
Fishmeal-6.47 %9.72 %-12.56 %
Olive Oil, extra virgin-3.42 %26.15 %1.14 %
Palm Kernel Oil-3.16 %-24.48 %1.96 %
Palm oil-4.21 %-29.39 %-5.29 %
Peanut Oil-0.59 %11.22 %-2.37 %
Groundnuts (peanuts)2.49 %-12.55 %6.53 %
Rapeseed Oil-0.54 %-26.70 %-3.99 %
Soybean Meal-2.51 %-27.99 %-3.74 %
Soybean Oil-2.08 %-26.40 %-3.45 %
Soybeans-1.41 %-31.11 %-2.15 %
Sunflower oil-0.34 %-16.91 %-4.67 %
Coarse Wool-2.38 %-16.81 %-3.14 %
Copra-9.19 %-22.14 %-5.63 %
Cotton-0.70 %-28.47 %2.97 %
Fine Wool-1.84 %-13.75 %-3.89 %
Hard Logs0.00 %-14.28 %0.00 %
Hard Sawnwood-2.23 %-9.84 %-1.23 %
Hides-1.47 %-5.86 %-2.14 %
Plywood-1.42 %-14.99 %-1.65 %
Rubber-4.04 %-23.93 %4.92 %
Soft Logs0.00 %-5.52 %0.00 %
Soft Sawnwood0.00 %-2.33 %0.00 %
Wood Pulp0.00 %0.00 %0.00 %
Aluminum-2.42 %4.02 %-2.25 %
Cold-rolled steel   
Copper, grade A cathode3.67 %-10.68 %1.87 %
Gold-3.95 %-11.78 %-5.77 %
Hot-rolled steel   
Iron Ore-9.17 %-49.08 %-15.51 %
Lead-0.18 %-12.69 %-2.75 %
Nickel-5.62 %-12.26 %-7.37 %
Silver-3.26 %-21.61 %-5.78 %
Steel wire rod   
Tin-4.45 %-24.33 %-10.45 %
Uranium3.52 %12.83 %9.33 %
Zinc-3.29 %1.04 %-3.99 %
DAP fertilizer-1.29 %-4.08 %-0.29 %
Potassium Chloride0.00 %-1.45 %-0.07 %
Rock Phosphate0.00 %6.48 %0.00 %
Triple Superphosphate0.00 %3.06 %0.00 %
Urea-8.75 %-14.17 %-15.10 %

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