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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Khirbat adh Dhi'bMuhafazat Halab36.333333337.754701542
Khirbat Ahmad al HabibMuhafazat ar Raqqah35.880555638.03055563671204
Khirbat Ahmad al HajjiMuhafazat ar Raqqah35.888888938.12222223561168
Khirbat al `AbbMuhafazat al Hasakah36.672222241.01944443341096
Khirbat al `AdasMuhafazat al Ladhiqiyah35.383333335.983333374243
Khirbat al `AkkariyahMuhafazat Hims34.408333336.64722228442769
Khirbat al `AmudMuhafazat Idlib35.966666736.3833333257843
Khirbat al `AraminahMuhafazat Hims34.491666737.29166676892260
Khirbat al `ArusMuhafazat Idlib35.6536.3166667167548
Khirbat al AghaMuhafazat Hims34.266666736.6513744508
Khirbat al AkradMuhafazat Tartus34.633333336.051652
Khirbat al AtrahMuhafazat Halab36.333333336.98333335091670
Khirbat al BaghMuhafazat al Hasakah36.856666741.69472223801247
Khirbat al BaqarMuhafazat ar Raqqah36.5538.753641194
Khirbat al BayadirMuhafazat al Hasakah36.766666740.653861266
Khirbat al BaydaMuhafazat Hims34.395833337.06666677882585
Khirbat al Bayda'Muhafazat Hims34.920833337.841666710213350
Khirbat al BighalMuhafazat Halab36.538.24071335
Khirbat al Bi'rMuhafazat al Hasakah36.860833341.7153821253
Khirbat al Bi'rMuhafazat al Hasakah36.940.73333334151362

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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