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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
ShuklapurState of Uttaranchal30.316388977.93722225771893
ShulagundState of Jammu and Kashmir34.002777874.612518235981
ShulipurState of Jammu and Kashmir34.008333374.677777817455725
ShumahalState of Jammu and Kashmir33.816666775.316666719096263
ShumanagState of Jammu and Kashmir34.574.133333317815843
ShumanagState of Jammu and Kashmir34.494444474.136111117695804
ShunglipuraState of Jammu and Kashmir34.112574.772222215825190
ShupiyanState of Jammu and Kashmir33.716666774.833333320526732
ShupkanjanState of Jammu and Kashmir33.866666775.7666667345011319
ShupurbaghState of Jammu and Kashmir34.070833374.661111115905217
ShuruState of Jammu and Kashmir34.143055674.816666715895213
ShushotState of Jammu and Kashmir34.0577.6333333324710653
ShyalkutState of Jammu and Kashmir34.001388974.67517755823
ShyamalpurState of West Bengal22.2587.383333333108
ShyamnagarState of West Bengal22.833333388.3666667826
ShyamuState of Rajasthan25.283055675.6125259850
ShyokState of Jammu and Kashmir34.183333378.1333333384012598
SiaState of Madhya Pradesh23.033333376.1166667
SiajuliState of Assam27.3594.1109358

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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