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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
BaraState of Jharkhand22.886.2333333161528
BaraBihar State of24.633333384.9333333128420
BaraState of Madhya Pradesh25.616666777.73501148
Bara BanaState of Jharkhand22.633333385.9166667203666
Bara BangahalNA32.3576.8375212310
Bara BangurdaState of Jharkhand22.9586.4248814
Bara BankiState of Uttar Pradesh26.916666781.2120394
Bara BaraState of Rajasthan26.762222273.0758333273896
Bara BelunState of West Bengal23.487.96666672995
Bara BoarijorState of Jharkhand25.066666787.483333377253
Bara ChhaiState of Jammu and Kashmir33.816666774.308333317575764
Bara ChhariState of Jammu and Kashmir33.844444474.252777821076913
Bara DelanaState of Rajasthan28.583333373.6203666
Bara DigarState of Assam25.3593.34111348
Bara GorraState of Rajasthan28.05574.99416673241063
Bara GudhaState of Haryana29.775.0166667203666
Bara HotiHimachal Pradesh30.833333379.9666667447414678
Bara HotiState of Uttaranchal30.833333379.9666667447414678
Bara JordaState of West Bengal23.166666786.8333333163535

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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