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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Qasi SaraiBihar State of25.166666785.066666769226
QazigundState of Jammu and Kashmir33.633333375.1516685472
QazipurState of Uttar Pradesh29.559722277.3319444250820
QuanshuigouState of Jammu and Kashmir35.579.5479415728
QuasampurHimachal Pradesh30.481666777.78027784641522
QuasampurState of Uttaranchal30.481666777.78027784641522
QuelossimState of Goa15.383333373.91666671239
QuepemState of Goa15.216666774.06666671962
QuerimState of Goa15.457485279
QuerimState of Goa15.583333374.0666667236774
QueulaState of Goa15.383333373.966666768223
QuilandiState of Kerala11.433333375.71962
QuilonState of Kerala8.883333376.61859
Qutab KheriState of Uttar Pradesh29.732777877.2613889257843
QutabgarhState of Uttar Pradesh29.559444477.44253830
Qutb NizamState of Jammu and Kashmir32.581944474.7847222273896
QutbaState of Punjab30.566666775.6333333246807
QutbnagarState of Uttar Pradesh27.516666780.45143469
QutbpurState of Uttar Pradesh30.026111177.8544444295968

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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