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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Prinah AraState of Jammu and Kashmir34.061111174.656944415975240
PriolState of Goa15.416666773.9833333113371
PriphemaState of Nagaland25.7593.96666679223025
PrithipurState of Jammu and Kashmir32.633333374.8402778291955
PrithvipurHimachal Pradesh30.462222277.79972224861594
PrithvipurState of Uttaranchal30.462222277.79972224861594
PriyaState of Andhra Pradesh18.433333384.151962
ProanState of Jammu and Kashmir32.756944474.7583333275902
ProddaturState of Andhra Pradesh14.733333378.55163535
ProngruState of Jammu and Kashmir34.347222274.247222216685472
ProrState of Jammu and Kashmir33.009722274.45277787102329
ProtheroepurUnion Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands11.616666792.716666740131
PsiarState of Meghalaya25.692.58333337572484
PuchakadState of Kerala12.383333375.0534112
PuchepState of Arunachal Pradesh27.233333395.93333333181043
PudamariState of Orissa19.4584.483333394308
PudgurtiState of Andhra Pradesh17.189444478.02472226322073
PudimadakaState of Andhra Pradesh17.583.0166667
Pudu ChattramState of Tamil Nadu10.466666777.83081010
PudukkottaiState of Tamil Nadu10.383333378.8166667100328

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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