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LakeStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Lake PaoayProvince of Ilocos Norte18.1211111120.53833331962
Lake PinamalayProvince of Bukidnon7.6722222125.00111113121024
Lake PunjungProvince of Sulu5.7120.833333381266
Lake PunratProvince of Lanao del Norte8.0266667124.13138898992949
Lake SampalocSan Pablo City14.0833333121.3333333134440
Lake SapaProvince of Tawi-Tawi7.0166667118.5166667100328
Lake SebuProvince of South Cotabato6.2241667124.70333336962283
Lake SinguanProvince of Tawi-Tawi6.9833333118.569226
Lake SowaProvince of Maguindanao7.35124.3577253
Lake SultanProvince of South Cotabato6.2261111124.73027786632175
Lake TaalProvince of Batangas13.9486111121.0075930
Lake TikubProvince of Quezon13.9625121.307222257187
Lake UgaanProvince of Lanao del Sur7.8633333124.057222211263694
Lake WoodProvince of Zamboanga del Sur7.8444444123.1653081010
Lake YamboProvince of Laguna14.1166667121.3666667225738
Makalum LakeProvince of Maguindanao7.3124.3534112
Mataja LakeProvince of Basilan6.5702778121.6933333-8-26
Maughan LakeProvince of South Cotabato6.1013889124.888333313594459
Panamao LakeProvince of Sulu5.97121.17111364
Sani Crater LakeProvince of Sulu5.935121.3502778128420

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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