Lactic acid, its salts & esters$24,113$28,009$55,900$69,537$47,395$33,675
Tartaric acid$10,343$21,007$21,732$12,221$24,671$36,639
Salts & esters of tartaric acid   $1,519 $437
Citric acid$79,493$125,710$134,012$231,990$625,206$341,331
Salts & esters of citric acid$266 $48,553$509$74,071$38,507
Gluconic acid, its salts & esters $3,315$184$1,867$1,324$1,369
Carboxylic acids with alcohol function but without oth. oxygen function, th ...$8,959$6,515$11,725$3,610$8,566$11,430
Salicylic acid & its salts$6,594$10,505$6,963$2,828$18,272$9,363
O-Acetylsalicylic acid, its salts & esters$138,663$91,140$35,269$114,821$83,176$20,300
Esters of salicylic acid & their salts, other than salicylic acid & its sal ...$450  $3,508$20,449$227
Carboxylic acids with phenol function but without oth. oxygen function, the ...$39,335$13,735$40,820$99,346$58,186$48,429
Carboxylic acids with aldehyde/ketone function but without oth. oxygen func ...  $9,837$39$1,699$221
Carboxylic acids with additional oxygen function&their anhydrides,halides,p ...$3,461$12,573$17,157$16 $27,792