Drilling/threading/tapping tools, for use in the hand$511 $19,632$94,093$146,419$3,455
Hammers & sledge hammers$64$947$3,141$3,374$8,212$21,550
Planes, chisels, gouges & sim. cutting tools for working wood, for use in t ... $13$553$4,328$40,531$8,738
Screwdrivers  $447$1,447$1,015 
Household tools for use in the hand, n.e.s.$40 $2,736$499,984$354,577$256,184
Hand tools (incl. glaziers' diamonds), n.e.s.$15,541$14,011$260,661$5,328$58,809$65,543
Vices, clamps and the like$1,018$12,391 $10,852$1,167$8,117
Anvils; portable forges; hand/pedal-operated grinding wheels with framework ... $20,087$735$4,202  
Sets of arts. of 2/more of the SHs of 82.05$1,253$7,233 $3,118$6,999$14,901