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LocationEastern Asia, islands bordering the East China Sea, Philippine Sea, South China Sea, and Taiwan Strait, north of the Philippines, off the southeastern coast of China
Geographic coordinates23 30 N, 121 00 E
Map referencesSoutheast Asia
Areatotal: 35,980 sq km
land: 32,260 sq km
water: 3,720 sq km
note: includes the Pescadores, Matsu, and Quemoy islands
Area - comparativeslightly smaller than Maryland and Delaware combined
Land boundaries0 km
Coastline1,566.3 km
Maritime claimsterritorial sea: 12 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Climatetropical; marine; rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August); persistent and extensive cloudiness all year
Terraineastern two-thirds mostly rugged mountains; flat to gently rolling plains in west
Elevation extremesmean elevation: 1,150 m
elevation extremes: lowest point: South China Sea 0 m
highest point: Yu Shan 3,952 m
Natural resourcessmall deposits of coal, natural gas, limestone, marble, asbestos, arable land
Land useagricultural land: 22.7%
arable land 16.9%; permanent crops 5.8%; permanent pasture NA
forest: NA
other: 77.3% (2011 est.)
Irrigated land3,820 sq km (2012)
Population distributiondistribution exhibits a peripheral coastal settlement pattern, with the largest populations on the north and west coasts
Natural hazardsearthquakes; typhoons
volcanism: Kueishantao Island (401 m), east of Taiwan, is its only historically active volcano, although it has not erupted in centuries
Environment - current issuesair pollution; water pollution from industrial emissions, raw sewage; contamination of drinking water supplies; trade in endangered species; low-level radioactive waste disposal
Environment - international agreementsparty to: none of the selected agreements because of Taiwan's international status
Geography - notestrategic location adjacent to both the Taiwan Strait and the Luzon Strait

Source: CIA World Factbook
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