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LocationCaribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, 150 km south of Key West, Florida
Geographic coordinates21 30 N, 80 00 W
Map referencesCentral America and the Caribbean
Areatotal: 110,860 sq km
land: 109,820 sq km
water: 1,040 sq km
Area - comparativeslightly smaller than Pennsylvania
Land boundariestotal: 28.5 km
border countries: US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay 28.5 km
note: Guantanamo Naval Base is leased by the US and remains part of Cuba
Coastline3,735 km
Maritime claimsterritorial sea: 12 nm
contiguous zone: 24 nm
exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
Climatetropical; moderated by trade winds; dry season (November to April); rainy season (May to October)
Terrainmostly flat to rolling plains, with rugged hills and mountains in the southeast
Elevation extremesmean elevation: 108 m
elevation extremes: lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m
highest point: Pico Turquino 1,974 m
Natural resourcescobalt, nickel, iron ore, chromium, copper, salt, timber, silica, petroleum, arable land
Land useagricultural land: 60.3%
arable land 33.8%; permanent crops 3.6%; permanent pasture 22.9%
forest: 27.3%
other: 12.4% (2011 est.)
Irrigated land8,700 sq km (2012)
Population distributionlarge population clusters found throughout the country, the more significant ones being in the larger towns and cities, particularly the capital of Havana
Natural hazardsthe east coast is subject to hurricanes from August to November (in general, the country averages about one hurricane every other year); droughts are common
Environment - current issuesair and water pollution; biodiversity loss; deforestation
Environment - international agreementsparty to: Antarctic Treaty, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol, Desertification, Endangered Species, Environmental Modification, Hazardous Wastes, Law of the Sea, Marine Dumping, Ozone Layer Protection, Ship Pollution, Wetlands
signed, but not ratified: Marine Life Conservation
Geography - notelargest country in Caribbean and westernmost island of the Greater Antilles

Source: CIA World Factbook
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