Soft Red Winter Wheat

Soft Red Winter Wheat is a low to medium protein wheat with soft endosperm used to make cake flour, pastry flour and some self-rising flours (baking powder and salt added).

Soft red winter wheat is seeded in the fall. It is grown east of the Mississippi, with Ohio being the leading producer state followed by Arkansas, Illinois, and Missouri. Ohio wheat is known for making higher-quality flour compared to flour coming from any other soft red winter wheat-producing state.

Soft red winter wheat is traded at the CBOT under ticker symbol W. Contract size is 5,000 bushels quoted in US cents per bushel. Delivery months include: March (H), May (K), July (N), September (U) and December (Z). Contract is settled physically. Delivery grades include: #2 Soft Red Winter at contract price, #1 Soft Red Winter at a 3 cent premium, other deliverable grades listed in Rule 14104.