Minor Metals

Minor metals can be defined as metals that are by-products of other metals according to the LME. Additional criteria has been formulated to define minor metals. Minor metals are used in many end-use applications: rechargeable batteries, lasers, high temperature alloys, electronics, optics, etc.

Minor metals include cobalt (cathodes for rechargeable batteries), molybdenum (heating), lithium (batteries), magnesium, manganese, silicon (photovoltaic solar cells), titanium, tungsten, zirconium, and rare earth elements, among others. A complete list of minor metals can be found here.

Cobalt (99.3% cobalt and higher) and molybdenum (60% molybdenum +/-5% in molybdenum contained in roasted molybdenum concentrates, RMC) are currently traded at the LME.

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