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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
PusriState of Gujarat23.473.1121397
PuswaraState of Chhattisgarh20.2581.58333334121352
PutalapattuState of Andhra Pradesh13.333333379.13201050
Puth KhasState of Uttar Pradesh29.033333377.5833333229751
PuthimariState of Assam26.792.233333389292
PuththiState of Haryana29.076388976.2638889226741
PuthupalliState of Kerala9.576.53333332375
PuthuppadiState of Kerala11.575.966666782269
PuthwalendoState of Jammu and Kashmir32.941666774.62083335311742
PutkiState of Jharkhand23.783333384.353481142
PutluruState of Andhra Pradesh14.816666777.9666667267876
Puttan TaruvaiState of Tamil Nadu8.333333377.93333331446
PuttanattamState of Tamil Nadu10.466666778.3666667245804
PuttapakaState of Andhra Pradesh17.11578.93583333121024
PutturState of Karnataka12.766666775.216666790295
PutturState of Andhra Pradesh13.4579.55142466
PutukipaliState of Orissa20.5583.6153502
PuvandiState of Tamil Nadu9.8578.2833333101331
PuvarState of Kerala8.316666777.06666671239
PyapaliState of Andhra Pradesh15.233333377.73333335301739

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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