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MountainStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Jabal al QurnahMuhafazat Hamah35.183333336.854581503
Jabal al Wa`rMuhafazat Rif Dimashq33.566666736.39112989
Jabal al Wa`riyahMuhafazat Hims34.383333338.01666676342080
Jabal al WastaniMuhafazat Tartus35.136.266666710113317
Jabal al WastaniMuhafazat Halab36.233333337.18333334341424
Jabal an Nabi IdrisMuhafazat Halab36.133333337.21666674251394
Jabal an NahrMuhafazat Dimashq33.516666736.183333310523451
Jabal an NahraynMuhafazat Hims34.379166737.058102657
Jabal an NahsMuhafazat Halab36.237.13333333871270
Jabal an NasraniMuhafazat Hims34.137.412324042
Jabal an NiqniqiyahMuhafazat Hims34.266666737.783333310173337
Jabal AqloudMuhafazat Halab36.066666737.053261070
Jabal Aqra`Muhafazat Halab36.416666737.96666675091670
Jabal Ar RaHis JuraynasMuhafazat al Hasakah36.683333340.28888893391112
Jabal ar RajamMuhafazat Halab36.137.24261398
Jabal ar Ra'sMuhafazat Halab36.033333337.354341424
Jabal ar RasifMuhafazat Halab36.383333337.46666675031650
Jabal ar RibatiyahMuhafazat Hims34.536.76482126
Jabal ar RuhaybahMuhafazat Rif Dimashq33.716666736.633333310423419
Jabal ar RumayliMuhafazat Hims34.27537.16666678502789

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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