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Political parties and leaders: Bareun Party or BP (split from the then NFP in January 2017) [JOO Ho-young]
Democratic Party or DP [CHOO Mi-ae] (renamed from Minjoo Party of Korea or MPK in October 2016; formerly New Politics Alliance for Democracy or NPAD, which was a merger of the Democratic Party or DP (formerly DUP) [KIM Han-gil] and the New Political Vision Party or NPVP [AHN Cheol-soo] in March 2014)
Justice Party [SIM Sang-jeong]
Liberty Korea Party or LKP (formerly the New Frontier Party (NFP) or Saenuri and before that the Grand National Party) [CHUNG Woo-taik, interim leader]
People's Party or PP [PARK Jie-won]
Saenuri Party (split from Liberty Korea Party in April 2017)

Definition: This entry includes a listing of significant political organizations and their leaders.

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