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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Dar el BichGouvernorat de Nabeul36.786666710.933055661200
Dar el Cheikh KilaniGouvernorat de Bizerte37.12666679.524444451167
Dar el GouadriaGouvernorat de Sfax34.970555610.6422222144472
Dar el GuedidiGouvernorat de Nabeul36.876388910.8430556157515
Dar el Haj AhmedGouvernorat de Ariana36.30138899.9169444217712
Dar el Haj Ahmed SouidGouvernorat de Tunis36.878055610.3161111516
Dar el Haj AleyaGouvernorat de Nabeul36.931944410.863888985279
Dar el Haj AliGouvernorat de Nabeul36.925833310.890833383272
Dar el Haj AliGouvernorat de Nabeul36.923055610.823888987285
Dar el Haj AmaraGouvernorat de Sousse35.926111110.37583332169
Dar el Haj DaouiGouvernorat de Nabeul36.870555610.925277892302
Dar el Haj MabroukGouvernorat de Kairouan35.67611119.914444484276
Dar el Haj Mohammed MallakGouvernorat de Sfax34.780555610.7836111723
Dar el Haj Salih Ben MoubarakGouvernorat de Kasserine35.65333338.72694447102329
Dar el Haj TaiebGouvernorat de Sfax34.784444410.74388892479
Dar el Haj YoussefGouvernorat de Ariana36.37388899.8755556178584
Dar el HajriGouvernorat de Nabeul36.894444410.803611165213
Dar el HaouiGouvernorat de Nabeul36.857510.8463889102335
Dar el JilaniNA37.000555610.99944442789
Dar el KharazGouvernorat de Nabeul36.676388910.765833376249

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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