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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
Kafr al JazirahMuhafazat al Gharbiyah30.811666731.16555561239
Kafr al JazzarMuhafazat al Minufiyah30.476111131.16888891446
Kafr al JibaliyahMuhafazat al Minufiyah30.776944430.9251239
Kafr al JilaniMuhafazat al Fayyum29.427530.6983333-42-138
Kafr al JindiMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.531.46388891136
Kafr al JirayahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.566666731.4166667930
Kafr al JubbMuhafazat al Fayyum29.256388930.82638891962
Kafr al JunaydiMuhafazat al Gharbiyah30.683333331.21136
Kafr al Junaynah al BahriMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.083333331.3516
Kafr al Junaynah al QibliMuhafazat al Gharbiyah31.011944431.18583331033
Kafr al KabayshahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.773055631.9738889413
Kafr al KahawishahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.783333332826
Kafr al KawadiMuhafazat al Minya28.388888930.763888937121
Kafr al KawadinahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.650277831.7497222723
Kafr al KhadrahMuhafazat al Qalyubiyah30.374722231.01751549
Kafr al Khala'ifahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.816666732.0166667620
Kafr al Khama'irahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.831.9833333310
Kafr al KhawazimMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.062777831.3088889723
Kafr al KurdiMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.167777831.7683333930
Kafr al KutamiyahMuhafazat al Minufiyah30.363888931.04944441343

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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