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PlaceStateLatitudeLongitudeElevation (meters)Elevation (feet)
`Izbat `Abd al Qawi SamakMuhafazat al Buhayrah30.890277830.7336111516
`Izbat `Abd al WahhabMuhafazat al Fayyum29.089166730.99333332685
`Izbat `Abd al Wahid SilimMuhafazat al Buhayrah31.170277830.545555627
`Izbat `Abd AllahMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.036388930.9719444516
`Izbat `Abd AllahMuhafazat ash Sharqiyah30.495833331.55027781239
`Izbat `Abd Allah `AtiyahMuhafazat al Buhayrah30.891666730.526388913
`Izbat `Abd Allah Abu as SayyidMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.033333331.0069444516
`Izbat `Abd Allah Abu Misa`idMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.303333330.792500
`Izbat `Abd Allah al WakilMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.148055630.8544444413
`Izbat `Abd Allah ash ShirakiMuhafazat al Gharbiyah31.041666731.1930556516
`Izbat `Abd Allah HajarMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.029166731.5541667826
`Izbat `Abd an NabiMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.308333331.4791667310
`Izbat `Abd an Nabi HusaynMuhafazat al Fayyum29.347530.88388892169
`Izbat `Abd ar RahmanMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.054722230.7516667413
`Izbat `Abd ar RahmanMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.041111130.9816667620
`Izbat `Abd ar RahmanMuhafazat al Fayyum29.356111130.99361111239
`Izbat `Abd ar RahmanMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.149166730.7636111310
`Izbat `Abd ar Rahman `AndarusMuhafazat Kafr ash Shaykh31.261944430.8358333310
`Izbat `Abd ar Rahman ar RaghiMuhafazat al Fayyum29.497530.8386111-43-141
`Izbat `Abd ar Rahman NurMuhafazat ad Daqahliyah31.106944431.5069444516

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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