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A to Abybro
Abyen to Agersbak
Agerskov to Ahl
A-Hojrup to Alborg
Alderslyst to Allerup
Allerup to Almind
Almind Hede to Also
Also to Ammendrup
Ammerup to Annisse
Ans to Arnager
Arnagerbro to Arslev
Arslev to Askeby
Askildrup to Assenbolle
Assenbolle to Astorp
Astrup to Atterup
Atterup to Badsbol-Ballum


Badsted to Bakkendrup
Bakkerup to Balleby
Ballen to Baring Mark
Baringvad to Bastemose
Bastholm to Bendstrup
Bendstrup to Binderup
Binderup to Bisserup
Bisserup Strand to Bjergeso
Bjerget to Bjerring
Bjerringbro to Blanke
Blans to Blovstrod
Bobjerg to Bogens
Bogense to Bolilmark
Bolle to Bonnerup Strand
Bonnet to Borridso
Borris to Bostedhede
Bostrup to Bovrup
Bra to Branden
Branderslev to Brangstrup
Branore to Bredholt
Bredsten to Bremdal
Brenderup to Brodlos
Brodslev to Brondum
Brondum to Brund
Brund to Buddinge
Buddum to Busk
Buske to Croneshvile


Dagelokke to Dalsgard
Dalsgard to Davinde
Debel to Dollerup
Dolmer to Doverodde
Draby to Dronninggard
Dronninglund to Dyrbak
Dyrby to Ega


Egebak to Egernsund
Egerup to Ejby
Ejby to Eliselund
Elkenore to Elso
Elsted to Endrup
Engeldrup to Eriknauer
Erikstrup to Eskilstrup
Eskilstrup to Evetofte


Fabak to Fangel Torp
Fannerup to Farup
Farup to Favsbjerg
Favstrup to Filskov
Filskov Mark to Fjarsted
Fjelby to Fladbjerg
Fladbjerg to Floes
Flojstrup to Follerup
Fons to Fovslet Mark
Fraer to Frederikshab
Frederikshavn to Frenderup
Frenderup to Fruens Boge
Fruering to Fusager
Futting to Gamborg


Gamby to Gammel Nyby
Gammel Ronbjerg to Gamst
Gamstrup to Gatten
Gauerslund to Gelstrup
Gelstrup to Gesten
Gettrup to Givskud
Gjandrup to Glatved
Glavendrup to Goderup
Godsbol to Gram
Gram to Gredsted
Gredstedbro to Grindsted
Grindsted to Gronnerup
Gronninghoved to Gudme
Gudmindrup to Gultved
Gummerod to Gundsomagle
Gundstrup to Hagendrup


Hagendrup to Hald-Tostrup
Haldum to Halsted Tvede
Haltrup to Hannesborg
Hanning to Harlose
Harndrup to Harup
Hasle to Hasum Torp
Hattenas to Havndrup
Havneby to Hedegarde
Hedehusene to Helberskov
Heldager to Hellum
Helnas By to Henne Strand
Hennebjerg to Herslev
Herslev to Hessellund
Hesselrod to Hindborg
Hinderup to Hjelm
Hjelm to Hjolderup
Hjollund to Ho
Hobjerg to Hogsted
Hojbjerg to Hojme
Hojreby to Holbol Mark
Hole to Holme
Holme to Holte
Holte to Honum
Hoppeshuse to Hornslet
Hornstrup to Horsted
Horstved to Hostrupskov
Hou to Hover
Hover to Hummingen
Hundal to Husum-Ballum
Hvallos to Hvilshoj
Hvilsom to Hygum
Hygumskov to Hytten


Ibsker to Ilshoj
Ilskov to Jarmsted


Javngyde to Jerlev
Jernved to Jordrup
Jorgenso to Kadeby


Kadeby Haver to Kallerup
Kallerup Garde to Karbolling
Karbolling to Karlslunde
Karlslunde Strand to Karup
Kas to Kastrup
Kastrup to Keldbymagle
Keldernas to Kettinge
Kettinge to Kirke Flinterup
Kirke Helsinge to Kirkerup
Kirke-Skensved to Klampenborg
Klank to Klinkby Stationsby
Klint to Klorup
Kloster to Knud
Knudsbol to Kogtved
Kohave to Kollerup
Kollund to Kongsengene
Kongsgarde to Korsor
Korsvej to Kragelund
Kragemade to Krejbjerg
Krenkerup to Kronge
Krummerup to Kvarnholt
Kvarrede to Kyse
Kysing to Lamdrup


Lamdrup to Langholm
Langkar to Laurbjerg
Laven to Lemmer
Lemming to Lihmskov
Lilballe to Lille Grandlose
Lille Havelse to Lille Salby
Lille Sjorup to Lillevorde
Liltved to Lindknud
Lindum to Lodderup
Lodshuse to Lomborg
Lommelev to Lovns
Lovrup to Lundby
Lundby to Lundgard
Lunding to Lyderslev
Lydinge to Lyngsa
Lyngsbak to Maderup


Madsbad to Male
Malle to Marie Magdalene
Marielund to Meelse
Mejdal to Meldrup
Mellem Jolby to Midskov
Midstrup to Mogelvang
Mogenstrup to Moltrup
Molvang to Mosebolle
Moseby to Mundelstrup Stationsby
Munkdrup to Naby


Nagbol to Nasby
Nasby to Neble Torp
Nebsager to Neder Vindinge
Neder Vrigsted to Nisset
Nissum to Norager
Norbak to Nordrup
Nordskov to Norre Bjert
Norre Boel to Norre Hurup
Norre Hvalso to Norre Orslev
Norre Orum to Norre Vejrup
Norre Vestud to Norreokse
Norreskov to Novling
Novrup to Nybo
Nybol to Nyhuse
Nyhuse to Nyrup
Nyrup to Ode Forslev


Ode-Hastrup to Okslund
Oksvang to Olsted
Olsted to Onslev
Onsved to Ordrup
Ordrup to Ornhoj
Orninge to Orslev under Skoven
Orslevvester to Orvad
Osager to Oster Borsting
Oster Bronderslev to Oster Jolby
Oster Karleby to Oster Sottrup
Oster Starup to Osterballe
Osterby to Osterild
Osterklint to Ostrup
Ostrup to Over Hadsten
Over Holluf to Overby
Overby to Pannerup


Parup to Perbol
Perbol to Poulstrup
Povlskirke to Rade


Radsted to Ramten
Randbol to Rasted
Raved to Ravnso
Ravnstrup to Refshammer
Refsnas to Renge
Rens to Rimmerhus
Rimso to Ris
Ris to Rodbyhavn
Rodding to Rogelhede
Rogen to Ronas
Ronbjerg to Rorkar
Rorkar to Roum
Roved to Rugsted
Rugtved to Saby


Saby to Sall
Sallerup to Sandager
Sandbjerg to Sangstrup
Sankt Jorgensbjerg to Seest
Segalt to Sengelose
Sennels to Sildestrup
Silkeborg to Sjalstofte
Sjelle to Skagen
Skagkar to Skandia
Skannerup to Skarup
Skarup to Skeen
Skejby to Skibbild
Skibby to Skivum
Skjedsbol to Skonager
Skorbak to Skovby
Skovby to Skovlund
Skovlunde to Skrave By
Skraverup to Slagslunde
Slagstrup to Sludstrup
Slukefter to Smidstrup
Smidstrup to Snejstrup
Snekkersten to Snostrup
So Soby to Sodring
Sodring Kar to Sollerod
Sollerup to Sonder Balling
Sonder Bindslev to Sonder Hostrup
Sonder Hurup to Sonder Onsild
Sonder Orslev to Sonder Vollum
Sonder Vong to Sonderby
Sonderby to Sondersted
Sondersted Borup to Sortenshave
Sorterup to Sovang
Sovind to Spramhuse
Sprattenborg Huse to Stanum
Starby to Stavshede
Stavso to Stenild
Stenlille to Stenum
Stenvad to Stoense
Stoholm to Store Damme
Store Darum to Store Lindet
Store Lyngby to Store Torup
Store Valby to Strammelse
Strand Esbonderup to Strarup
Strat to Stubberup
Stubberup to Sulkendrup
Sullerup to Svanfolk
Svankar to Svenstrup
Svenstrup to Svinsager
Svinsbjerg to Tagerup


Tagerup to Tannisby
Tanum to Tarup
Tarup to Teglgard
Teglkas to Tessebolle
Testrup to Tillitse
Tilst to Tirslund
Tirstrup to Tjareby
Tjebberup to Todso
Toelt to Tokkendrup
Tokkerup to Tolstrup
Tolstrup to Toreby
Torkilstrup to Torpe
Torpe to Torslev
Torslev to Torup
Torup to Tovelde
Toving to Trange
Tranget to Troelstrup
Troelstrup to Truust
Try to Turup
Tuse to Tvindelstrup
Tvingstrup to Ubberud


Ubberup to Ugelbolle
Ugerlose to Uldal
Uldum to Ullerup
Ullits to Urehoved
Urlev to Vallensbak


Vallensved to Vang
Vangede to Vasby
Vassingerod to Vedslet
Vedsted to Vejhuse
Vejlby to Vejrup
Vejrup to Vemmelose
Vemmenas to Vestenbak
Vestenskov to Vester Gesten
Vester Gjerndrup to Vester Nebel
Vester Nebel to Vester Vamdrup
Vester Vandet to Vesterklit
Vesterled to Viby
Viby to Villebol
Villendrup to Vindeby
Vindeby to Vinstrup
Vinten to Vissing
Vistoft to Vodstrup
Voel to Vollerslev
Vollerup to Vordingborg
Vordingborg to Vrangstrup
Vrangstrup to Ydby


Yderby to Yttrup

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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