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A Chinecha to Aan den Steenoven
Aan 't Hoolven to Abeiche
Abeiche to Achterbist
Achterbos to Adegem
Adesberg to Aisomont
Aix-sur-Cloix to Alken
Allain to Alvaux
Alvaux to Amermont
Amersveld to Andrifosse
Andrimont to Anseroeul
Ansuelle to Appelterre-Eichem
Appelveld to Ardevoor
Ardooie to Asbeek
Asbeek to Assels
Assenede to Attenrode
Attert to Au Minire
Au Pape to Auderghem
Audion to Austruweel
Autelbas to Aux Grosses Pierres
Aux Houx to Avister
Avoortsbrug to Baalheide


Baandries to Baddebroek
Badon to Bakergem
Balatre to Banbuche
Bande to Barbotte
Barcene to Barsy
Barvaux to Bas Vinave
Basbeek to Basse Lasne
Basse Noucelle to Bastogne
Bas-Warneton to Baugnez
Baugnies to Beau Voisinage
Beaufaulx to Beaurieu
Beaurieux to Beekhoek
Beekhoven to Beer
Beer to Begaarden Berg
Begaarden Berg to Beirendries
Beisberg to Belair
Belair to Belle Vue
Bellecourt to Beloeil
Belsele to Benedenheide
Benedenheide to Berenbroek
Berendrecht to Berg
Berg to Bergendries
Bergen-Einde to Bergvijver
Bergvijver to Berlingen
Berlion to Berterath
Berthaumont to Bethomee
Bethomont to Bevel
Bever to Bevingen
Bevingen to Bierges
Bierges to Biest
Biest to Bigrude
Bihain to Binster
Biomont to Blaasberg
Blaasberg to Blaregem
Blaregnies to Blekenberg
Bleker to Blijstraat
Blikken to Blokt
Bloquia to Boekhout
Boekhout to Boendael
Boeregem to Bohemen
Bohissaux to Bois de Ville
Bois de Villers to Bois Sepulcre
Boisbolle to Bokstraat
Bolder to Bombaye
Bomen to Bonheiden
Bonifayt to Bontestraat
Bontestraat to Boonwit
Boorsem to Borloberg
Borlon to Bos
Bos to Boshoek
Boshoek to Boskant
Bosmolen to Bosstraat
Bosstraat to Bosvoorde
Bosvoorde to Botermelkstraat
Boterstraat to Bougnies
Bougnimont to Bourgogne
Bourgogne to Bousval
Bousval to Boven Kwartier
Bovenberg to Braffe
Braibant to Brandhoek
Brandstraat to Bredensteger
Bredestraat to Breestraat
Breestraten to Breutheide
Breuvanne to Brisee
Brisy to Broek
Broek to Broeksheuvel
Broekstraat to Brouck
Brouere to Bruinbeek
Bruinekruis to Brumagne
Brume to Bruulbergen
Bruwaan to Bruyere a la Croix
Bruyere a la Croix to Buchelbusch
Buck to Buissenal
Buisseret to Bulsom
Bultehoek to Burgerhout
Burgmolen to Bussemeersen
Bustiau to Cahot


Caillois to Canivet
Canteleux to Caumont
Cauwenberg to Cerivaux
Cernaut to Champ de Me
Champ de Me to Champia
Champiomont to Chaos
Chapelle to Charneuse
Charneux to Chaubrire
Chaubrire to Chavee
Chechy to Cheniat
Cheniat to Cherhal
Chertal to Chifontaine
Chimay to Cite Cockerill
Clabecq to Clermont
Clermont to Codron
Coeurq to Comblain-Fairon
Comblain-la-Tour to Consy
Consy to Corenne
Coret to Coron d'en Haut
Coronmeuse to Cottaprez
Coucou to Court-Saint-Etienne
Courvite to Crenwick
Creppe to Croix Fanzel
Croix Gloriette to Crupet
Cuesmes to Cureghem
Cureghem to Daknam


Dal to Daumont
Daussois to De Bist
De Bist to De Donk
De Donk to De Hek
De Hek to De Kat
De Kat to De Legehaar
De Leuken to De Mosvinne
De Mosvinne to De Plein
De Pleine to De Schommen
De Seule to De Vijvers
De Vijvers to De Zavelbemden
De Zavelbemden to Demer
Demerbroek to Den Daal
Den Daal to Den Heuvel
Den Hoek to Den Hout
Den Houw to Denderdreef
Denderhoutem to Derriere le Chene
Derriere le Thier to Deurne
Deurne to Diegem
Diegem to Dijk
Dijk to Dison
Dochamps to Donderslagse Heide
Dongelberg to Doomkerke
Doorn to Doren
Doren to Dour
Dourbes to Drie Koningen
Drie Koningen to Driehoek
Driehoek to Dries
Dries to Dries
Dries to Drijhoek
Drijhoeven to Druimeren
Druimeren to Duitschool
Duitsenbroek to Duret
Durler to Ede


Ede to Eeksken
Eekstraat to Eetvelde
Eeuwhoek to Eichem
Eienbroek to Eikhoek
Eikot to Eisden
Eisingen to Eksterken
Eksterlaar to Ellezelles
Ellicht to Elsleukenweide
Elsleukenweide to Emcomont
Emelgem to Engelbeek
Engelhoek to Eppegem
Eppegem to Erpekom
Erpent to Es
Escalette to Esser
Estafflers to Eupen
Euverenbos to Evrehailles
Exbomont to Falisolle


Falize to Faubourg
Faubourg to Faubourg Saint-Medard
Faubourg Saint-Nicolas to Faymonville
Fays to Feite
Felenne to Filee
Filly to Flemalle-Grande
Flemalle-Haute to Florennes
Florent to Folx-les-Caves
Foncourt to Fond des Veaux
Fond Donnaux to Fontaine-l'Eveque
Fontaine-Valmont to Fonteny
Fontery to Forrieres-Notre-Dame
Forrieres-Saint-Martin to Fostree
Fosty to Fouron-Saint-Martin
Fouron-Saint-Pierre to Fraiture
Fraiture to Fransberg
Frasies to Freux Menil
Freux Suzerain to Froidmont
Froidmont to Gadin


Gages to Galgenberg
Galgendries to Ganzendries
Ganzendries to Gauquier
Gaurain-Ramecroix to Geenemeer
Geenhout to Geisbour
Geisteren to Gelliker Heide
Gelrode to Gendron
Gene Zeverdonk to Genkerhei
Genleau to Gentstraat
Gentstraat to Gerkenberg
Gerlimpont to Geuzenbos
Geuzenhoek to Gijmelberg
Gijmelberg to Gits
Gitsberg to Glaumont
Gleixhe to Godinne
Godinval to Gognie
Gohissart to Goorbergen
Gooreind to Goronne
Gorrier to Gougnies
Gourdinne to Grand Berleur
Grand Bermont to Grand Marais
Grand Marais to Grande Bruyere
Grande Croix to Grand-Manil
Grandmenil to Grange des Champs
Gransvelde to Grendel
Grendelbaan to Grimonster
Grimonty to Groenendries
Groenenhoek to Gronenschild
Gronie to Groot-Gelmen
Grootheide to Grosse Have
Grosse Haye to Grote Wal
Grote-Brogel to Grufflingen
Gruitrode to Guirsch
Gulde Delle to Haandekot


Haanhoek to Habeloch
Habergy to Hagendoren
Hahnheister to Haillemont
Haillot to Halensbroek
Halet to Halleux
Halleux to Hameau
Hameau du Bois to Hampteau
Hampteau to Hanewijk
Hanieveau to Han-sur-Lesse
Hanswijkenhoek to Harent
Harfontaine to Hasselbach
Hasselbroek to Hattain
Haubroek Bemden to Haut Hameau
Haut Hameau to Haute Bruyere
Haute Flone to Haute Saive
Haute Sarte to Havay
Havelange to Hazenberg
Hazendonk to Hedomont
Hedree to Heggen
Heibaart to Heide
Heide to Heidekant
Heidekant to Heihoek
Heihoek to Heikant
Heikant to Heikens
Heikruis to Heisel
Heisel to Hekkestraat
Heks to Hellicht
Hellingen to Hemelrijk
Hemelrijk to Henri Chene
Henri-Chapelle to Herbois
Herbricht to Herhet
Herhout to Hermalle-sous-Huy
Hermanne to Herseling
Herselt to Hestroy
Hestrulle to Het Huffelken
Het Kalf to Het Steenbroek
Het Steenbroek to Heuem
Heufkenstraat to Heusiere
Heusy to Heysel
Heysel to Himans
Himbe to Hockniez
Hodbomont to Hoek
Hoek to Hoeksken
Hoeksken to Hoenrik
Hoenrik to Hoevereinde
Hoeverheide to Hoge Bergen
Hoge Bist to Hogenakker
Hogenberg to Holbeek
Holbeek to Hollers
Hollers to Hompelstraat
Hompelstraat to Honnevain
Honscheid to Hoog Vijver
Hoog-Bavegem to Hoogkwartier
Hoogland to Hoogstraat
Hoogstraat to Hooiwege
Hool to Horzeleind
Hoscheit to Houffalize
Hougnee to Housse
Houssiere to Houtekruis
Houtem to Houwaart
Houwaartseberg to Hubermont
Hubermont to Hulans
Huldenberg to Hulst
Hulst to Hunberg
Hunberg to Huttegem
Huttegem to IJzerenberg


IJzerhand to Incourt
Incourt to Isle le Pre
Isnes to Izier


Jabbeke to Jannee
Jardin to Jemeppe
Jemeree to Jodenville
Jodion to Jose
Joubieval to Kabbeke


Kabernol to Kalishoek
Kalken to Kalverstraat
Kamdries to Kanterhoek
Kapel to Kapelleveld
Kapelleveld to Kasseman
Kasteel to Katteknok
Kattem to Kauwenberg
Kazand to Keiteldries
Keizerenberg to Kempenseheide
Kemphoek to Kerkgate
Kerkhoek to Kersbeek-Miskom
Kerselaar to Keten
Ketstraat to Kieldrecht
Kievermont to Klaphulle
Klaplaar to Kleije
Klein Bijgaarden to Klein Hoogveld
Klein Jeuk to Klein Veure
Klein Vorsen to Kleine Warme
Kleineberg to Kleinenhoek
Kleine-Spouwen to Klerken
Klijte to Klosterhof
Klotbroek to Knokt
Knolle Hoek to Koekoek
Koekuit to Koleneind
Kolis to Koninksem
Konkel to Korbeek-Dijle
Korbeek-Lo to Kortenbos
Kortenbos to Koudenheerd
Kousseboom to Kraainem
Kraainem to Krekelmuit
Krenist to Krommekeer
Krommendijk to Kruis
Kruis to Kruishoutem
Kruishuis to Kruisstraat
Kruisstraat to Kutsegem
Kutsegem to Kwadestraat
Kwakenbeek to La Baraque


La Barriere to La Bouverie
La Bouverie to La Bruyere
La Bruyere to La Champagne
La Chapelle to La Coyaute
La Cragniere to La Dute
La Fagne to La Folie
La Follee to La Gilotrie
La Girgaine to La Haillieule
La Haisette to La Hutte
La Hutte to La Marache
La Marache to La Noire Bouteille
La Nouvresse Haie to La Quewette
La Ramee to La Rosiere
La Rosiere to La Tombe
La Tour to La Vlamerie
La Waide to Laar
Laar to Lableau
Labliau to Lage Moere
Lagen Rielen to Laide Fontaine
L'Air to Lamalle
Lamay to Lampernisse
Lampetten to Laneuville
Laneuville au Bois to Langenakker
Langenberg to Langestraat
Langestraat to Lanquesaint
Lansival to Laspeche
Lassain to Lavacherie
Laval to Le Beau Ban
Le Bele to Le Chapitre
Le Charmois to Le Cossart
Le Coucou to Le Dossay
Le Douaire to Le Grand Mininpre
Le Grand Trieu to Le Jardin
Le Jardinet to Le Mesnil
Le Mont to Le Piquet
Le Pirois to Le Rieu
Le Rivage to Le Sarty
Le Scottin to Le Val
Le Verat to Ledeberg
Ledeberg to Leemputten
Leemputten to Lege Avrij
Lege Heuvels to Lelle
Lelle to Lens
Lens-Saint-Remy to L'Ermitage
L'Ermitage to Les Baraques
Les Baraques to Les Bois
Les Bois to Les Chapons
Les Chaufours to Les Coriottes
Les Cours to Les Elmonts
Les Empires to Les Fosses
Les Fourches Deminche to Les Hamendes
Les Hautes Virees to Les Mestures
Les Monts to Les Quartiers
Les Quartiers to Les Rogneuses Terres
Les Ruelles to Les Trixhes
Les Trixhes to L'Esperance
L'Espinois to Letterhoutem
Leu to Leval-Trahegnies
L'Ewereville to Lichtaart
Lichtelaar to Lierre
Liers to Lil
Lille to Limont
Limont to Lindenhoek
Lindenhoek to Lippelo
Lippenhove to Lives-sur-Meuse
Lixhe to Locht
Locht to Loie
Loker to Londerzeel
Loneux to Longtain
Longue Haie to Lorette
Lorette to Louvain-la-Neuve
Louveigne to Lozen
Lozen Hoek to Luithegge
Luizenberg to Luzerne
Luzery to Maastrichterheide


Maboge to Magerotte
Magerstraat to Maison du Bois
Maison du Roi to Malaise
Malaise to Maleves-Sainte-Marie-Wastines
Malgre Tout to Malvoisin
Manage to Maraiche
Marais to Marbais
Marbaix to Maredsous
Marencheneux to Mariette
Marijnevennen to Marquain
Marquette to Marzelheide
Marzelle to Mathus
Mathysart to Mauvinage
Mazarin to Meelberg
Meensel-Kiezegem to Meerhem
Meerheuvel to Meerskant
Meerskant to Meiberg
Meiboom to Meirgoorhoeve
Meirhoek to Melhoven
Melin to Melsbroek
Melsbroek to Menil
Menil to Merendree
Merenhoek to Meslin-l'Eveque
Mesnil to Meuleken
Meuleken to Mevergnies
Meyerode to Middelkerke-Bad
Middelveld to Millekruis
Millen to Modave
Moderscheid to Moerhoek
Moerhuizen to Molehuizen
Moleken to Molenberg
Molenberg to Moleneinde
Moleneinde to Molenhoek
Molenhoek to Molenstedebroek
Molenstedebroek to Moligna
Molinfaing to Mon Plaisir
Mon Plaisir to Mons
Monseufoy to Mont d'Ellezelles
Mont Derrieux to Mont Saint-Pont
Montagne to Montleban
Montliaux to Montzen
Monville to Mopertingen
Morcelle to Mortehan
Mortels Rot to Mosvenne
Mosvenne to Moulin
Moulin to Moxhe
Moxheron to Muizen
Muizen to Mussain
Mussain to Nachtegaal


Nachtegaal to Nantimont
Naome to Neckel
Nederboelare to Nederviersel
Nederwijk to Neerharen
Neerhavert to Neerpede
Neerpede to Neffe
Neffe to Nering
Nering to Neucoye
Neucy to Neuve Haie
Neuve-Eglise to Niderand
Nidrum to Nieuwebrug
Nieuwege to Nieuwkerke
Nieuwkerken-Waas to Nijlen
Nijsblok to Ninde
Ninove to Nodrenge
Nodrenge to Nolinfaing
Nollevaux to Nopstal
Nopstal to Noville-sur-Mehaigne
Nowes to Ochamps


Ocquier to Oeudeghien
Oevel to Oisquercq
Oisquercq to Olmenhoek
Olne to Oneux
Oneux to Oordegem
Oordegemsestraat to Oosterlo
Oosterveld to Oosthuisheuvel
Oostkamp to Op den Berg
Op Linkebeek to Opheylissem
Ophoven to Opperbuizingen
Opperbuizingen to Orbais
Orbais to Orsmaal-Gussenhoven
Ortheuville to Ostemeree
Oster to Oubourcy
Oud Lillo to Oudebaan
Oudegem to Oudenmolen
Oudenmolen to Ounes
Oupeye to Over de Beek
Over de Heibloem to Overeindeveld
Overes to Overslag
Overstehindel to Paddebroeken


Paddebroeken to Pallenbour
Pamel to Paperode
Papestraat to Parette
Parfond Bois to Paterberg
Patershoek to Pecrot
Pecrot Chaussee to Pellenberg
Peltheide to Pereboom
Pereboom to Perwijsbroek
Pery Rosette to Petit Brin
Petit Bruxelles to Petit Lannoy
Petit Lannoy to Petite Eneille
Petite Flandre to Petit-Pont
Petit-Rechain to Picardien
Pic-au-Vent to Pierstraat
Pietakker to Pijperzele
Pijpestraat to Pirot
Piroy to Plancenoit
Planche to Plantis de Geauvelant
Plantis du Tige to Pleintje
Plijn to Poelberg
Poeldries to Polfbroekstraat
Polingsgat to Ponsin
Pont to Pontaury
Pont-de-Loup to Porte au Wez
Portugezenhoek to Pottenberg
Potterie to Prayon
Pre Belene to Prekershei
Prelle to Prinsenstraat
Privot to Puhain
Puhain to Puttekomheide
Puttekomheide to Quartier Blancpain


Quartier Central to Quenestine
Quenestine to Quievrain
Quievremont to Radoux


Raer to Ramillies-Offus
Ramillies-Offus to Ransberg
Ranst to Rattendaal
Rattendries to Rechauvaux
Rechimont to Regenwortel
Regissa to Rejet de Seble
Rejet du Sart to Remichampagne
Remicourt to Rendries
Rengies to Reppe
Reppel to Reutel
Reutenbeek to Riemst
Rienne to Rijkelstraat
Rijken to Rijstraat
Rijvers to Rivage
Rivage to Robbert
Robbesrode to Rochelinval
Rocherath to Rodenem
Rodenem to Roesterberg
Roetaardshoek to Rokalseide
Rokegem to Rommersom
Rommersom to Ronet
Rongy to Rooie
Rooie to Roquette
Roren to Rossemhoek
Rossemhoek to Rotem
Rotheux-Rimiere to Roulotte
Roumez to Rovert
Rovorst to Ruage
Rualette to Ruilare
Ruinsette to Rumes
Rumez to Ruy
Ruy to Sainlez


Saint-Amand to Sainte-Gertrude
Saint-Eloi to Saint-Gery
Saint-Gery to Saint-Joseph
Saint-Josse-ten-Noode to Saint-Nicolas
Saint-Paul to Saint-Vitu
Saint-Yvon to Salzinnes
Samart to Sart Colin
Sart Culpart to Sart-Dames-Avelines
Sart-Dames-Avelines to Sauheid
Saule Franchomme to Scailmont
Scarbotte to Schaatsbergen
Schadeck to Schamelbeek
Schamelbeek to Scheewege
Scheidhoek to Schermershoek
Scherminkelmolen to Schirlberg
Schirm to Schoonbeek
Schoonbeke to Schoot
Schootkouter to Schouselhoek
Schoutenhof to Schubbeek
Schuddebeurs to Sclaigneaux
Sclayn to Selange
Selassin to Sept Fontaines
Sept Fontaines to 's-Herenelderen
Siberg to Sinsin la Petite
Sint-Adriaan to Sint-Antoniusberg
Sint-Antoniushoek to Sint-Gertruide Pede
Sint-Gertruide Pede to Sint-Jan-in-Eremo
Sint-Jan-op-den-Dijk to Sint-Joris-Weert
Sint-Joris-Weert to Sint-Lambrechts-Herk
Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe to Sint-Maria-Latem
Sint-Maria-Lierde to Sint-Michiels
Sint-Niklaas to Sint-Pieters-Voeren
Sint-Pieters-Voeren to Siroue
Sitsingen to Slijkhoek
Slijkhoek to Sluisken
Sluizen to Smissenhoek
Smissestraat to Soeret
Soetebeek to Somagne
Somal to Sorinne-la-Longue
Sorinnes to Souverain Wandre
Souvre to Speelberg
Speelberg to Spilt
Spilt to Spruithoek
Spurk to Stalhillebrug
Stalijzer to Stavelot
Stebbingen to Steenbergen
Steenbrugge to Steenland
Steenmolenbrug to Steenweg
Steert to Stenenbrug
Stenenmolen to Sterrewijk
Stevelberg to Stockfontaine
Stockis to Stokt
Stokt to Strainchamps
Strasbourg to Strivay
Strokot to Stuivenberg
Stuivenberg to Sur le Chier
Sur le Combe to Sur les Vas
Sur Rogene to 't Hoeksken
't Hoeksken to Tahier
Taille a l'Auniau to Targnon
Tasse to Temploux
Temse to Tenberg
Tenberg to Ter Kameren
Ter Kameren to Tereken
Tereken to Terlicht
Terlinden to Termeulen
Termeulen to Tervant
Tervanterheide to Theux
Thiarmont to Thimougies
Thines to Thuin
Thulin to Tielrode
Tielt to Tilff
Tilice to Tisselt
Tissenhove to Tombroek
Tommehoek to Tour
Tourelle to Toverhoek
Trahegnies to Treselt
Triau to Trieu Bernard
Trieu Bouchaux to Trieux
Trieux de Goyet to Trois Ponts
Trois Tilleuls to Trou des Chiens
Trou des Fuyards to Try Haut
Try Paris to Turkijen
Turkijen to Uccle


Uccle to Ukkel
Ulbeek to Vake


Vaken to Vanrunkelen
Vanrunkelen to Vau-Richard
Vaux to Veeweiberg
Veeweiberg to Veldeken
Veldeken to Veldkant
Veldkant to Velroux
Veltem-Beisem to Verbrande Brug
Verbrande Brug to Verleumont
Verloreneind to Verte Fontaine
Verte Haie to Vezon
Vezonchaux to Vierschaar
Viersel to Vieux Moulin
Vieux Sart to Vijfhuizen
Vijfhuizen to Vijverbroek
Vijverhoek to Villers-devant-Orval
Villers-en-Fagne to Villers-sur-Lesse
Villers-sur-Semois to Vinkwijk
Vinrut to Vitchen
Vitrival to Vladslo
Vlamertinge to Vliegendpaard
Vliegeneinde to Vogelhoek
Vogelsberg to Volsbergen
Volsem to Voort
Voort to Vosdonken
Vosheydt to Vossen Koten
Vossen Koten to Vrekom
Vremde to Vroente
Vroilandhoek to Waalshoek


Waanrode to Waasmont
Waasmunster to Wakkerzeel
Wakkerzeel to Walhorn
Walhornerfeld to Waltwilder
Waltzing to Wanneranval
Wanroux to Wareslag
Waret-la-Chaussee to Warnant-Dreye
Warneton to Water Loosveld
Water Loosveld to Watermaal-Bosvoorde
Watermaal-Bosvoorde to Wattermal
Wattimez to Webbekom
Wechelderzande to Weigersberg
Weijenberg to Wenduine
Wepion to Wersbeek
Wersbeek to Westhoek
Westhoek to Westvleteren
Westvoorde to Wezel
Wezel to Wieleloup
Wielsbeke to Wijlegem
Wijmeneer to Wilbraken
Wilde to Willebringen
Willebroek to Wimmertingen
Wimpel to Winksele
Winksele to Wisembach
Wisempierre to Witterzee
Witterzee to Wolfshagen
Wolfsheide to Wolvenhoek
Wolvenhoek to Woumen
Wout to Wyompont


Xaimont to Yvoy


Zachtheide to Zandberg
Zandbergen to Zandzee
Zarlardinge to Zeept
Zeept to Zerkegem
Zeswegen to Zeveren
Zevergem to Zittaart
Zittaart to Zonnebeke
Zonnebergen to Zuidhoek
Zuidschote to Zwaantje
Zwaantjen to Zwartwater
Zwartwater to Zwijndrecht

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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