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(( Ginevet )) to (( Karakishlag ))
(( Karakishlag )) to (( Karkhun ))
(( Karkhun )) to (( Mugam ))
(( Mugam )) to (( Ragimabad ))
(( Ragimabad )) to (( Verin Khatunarkh ))
(( Verin Khatunarkh )) to (( Zeyva ))
(( Zeyva )) to Ach'ajur


Ach'ajur to Agagchi
Agagchi to Agarak
Agarak to Agarak
Agarak to Agekhush
Agekhush to Aghavnatun
Aghavnavank' to Aghbulagh
Aghbulagh to Aghts'k'
Aghts'k' to Aghyokhush
Aghyokhush to Agvi
Agvi to Ajylu
Akhbrak to Akhpradzor
Akhpradzor to Akht'ala
Akht'ala to Akhurik
Akhurik to Aknashen
Aknashen to Akner
Ak'ori to Akunk'
Akunk' to Alap'ars
Alatala to Aldara
Aldara to Amasia
Amasia to Amodzh
Amodzh to Angeghakot'
Angeghakot' to Antarramej
Antarramej to Anushavan
Anushavan to Aparan
Apaven to Aragats
Aragats to Aragatsotn
Aragatsotn to Arak's
Arak's to Aramus
Ararat to Aravet
Aravet to Arazdayan
Arazdayan to Archis
Ardenis to Areguni
Areguni to Arevashat
Arevashat to Arevatsag
Arevatsag to Arevik
Arevik to Arevshat
Arevshat to Argel
Argel to Arjut
Armanis to Armavir
Armavir to Arp'i
Arp'i to Arrajadzor
Arrajadzor to Arratashen
Arratashen to Artabuynk'
Artabuynk' to Artashar
Artashar to Artavan
Artavaz to Artimet
Artimet to Artsvaberd
Artsvaberd to Artsvanist
Artsvanist to Arum
Arzakan to Ashotavan
Ashotavan to Astghadzor
Astghadzor to Atdash
Atdash to Avan
Avan to Avsarlu
Avsarlu to Avtona
Avtona to Aygavan
Aygavan to Aygedzor
Aygedzor to Aygek
Aygepar to Aygeshat
Aygeshat to Aygut
Aygut to Aykavan
Aykavan to Ayrum
Ayrum to Azatamut
Azatamut to Azatavan
Azatavan to Aznvadzor
Aznvadzor to Bagaran


Bagaran to Baghramyan
Baghramyan to Bagravan
Bagravan to Balak'
Balak' to Barabat'um
Barabat'um to Bardzruni
Bardzruni to Bartsrashen
Bartsrashen to Bavra
Bavra to Baysyz
Baysyz to Beniamin
Beniamin to Berdkunk'
Berdkunk' to Berkashat
Berkashat to Blagodarnoye
Blagodarnoye to Brrnakot'
Brrnakot' to Buzhakan
Buzhakan to Byureghavan
Byureghavan to Chakhmakhly


Chalabi to Ch'anakhch'i
Ch'anakhch'i to Ch'ayk'end
Chichakli to Ch'inari
Ch'inch'in to Ch'kalov
Ch'kalovka to Chobankara
Chobankara to Chochkan
Ch'orat'an to Dalarik


Dalarik to Darbas
Darbas to Dashkerpi
Dashkerpi to Dashtadem
Dashtadem to Dastakert
Dastakert to Ddmashen
Ddmashen to Derek
Derek to Dimitrov
Dimitrov to Dits'mayri
Dits'mayri to Dovrus
Dovrus to Dsegh
Dsegh to Dvoragyukh
Dvoragyukh to Dzhrashen
Dzhrashen to Dzoraghbyur
Dzoraghbyur to Dzoragyukh
Dzoragyukh to Dzoramut
Dzoramut to Dzorastan
Dzorastan to Dzyunashogh


Echmiadzin to Eridzor
Eridzor to Fioletovo


Fioletovo to Gagarin


Gagarin to Garnovit
Garnovit to Gay
Gay to Geghahovit
Geghahovit to Geghamabak
Geghamasar to Geghanist
Geghanist to Geghark'unik'
Geghark'unik' to Geghavank'
Geghi to Getahovit
Getahovit to Getapi
Getapi to Getashen
Getashen to Getik
Getik to Geyarchin
Geyarchin to Gharatgha
Gharatgha to Ghurdghulagh
Ghurdghulagh to Ghzljugh
Ghzljugh to Gogaran
Gogaran to Goght'anik
Goght'anik to Gomaran
Gomaran to Gomshavar
Gomshavar to Gosh
Gosh to Gudemnis
Gudemnis to Gyullibulagh
Gyulludara to Haghartsin


Haghartsin to Haght'anak
Hajat'in to Halavar
Halavar to Hardzis
Hardzis to Hartashen
Hartashen to Hatis
Hatis to Hats'ik
Hats'ik to Haykashen
Haykashen to Hayravank'
Hayravank' to Herher
Herher to Hoktember
Hoktember to Hovk'
Hovk' to Hovtashen
Hovtashen to Hunut
Hunut to Illi


Illi to Imeni Dzerzhinskogo
Imeni Dzerzhinskogo to Injevar
Injevar to Itsakar
Itsakar to Janfida


Janfida to Jil
Jil to Jraber
Jraber to Jrarrat
Jrarrat to Jrashen
Jrashen to Kadrlu


Kadrlu to K'ajaran
K'ajaran to Kak'avadzor
Kak'avadzor to Kalavan
Kalavan to Kamkhut
Kamo to Kanach'ut
Kanach'ut to Kaputan
Kaputan to K'araberd
K'araberd to K'arahunj
K'arahunj to Karakala
Karakala to K'arakert
K'arakert to Karalar
Karalar to K'arashen
K'arashen to Karchevan
Karchevan to Karindzh
Karindzh to Karmirgyugh
Karmirgyugh to Karmrakar
Karmrakar to Karmrashen
Karmravan to Karvansara
Karvansara to K'asakh
K'ashuni to Kat'najur
Kat'narrat to Kavchut
Kavchut to Kefli
Kelanlu to Khach'aghbyur
Khach'aghbyur to Khach'p'as
Khach'p'as to Khasht'arrak
Khasht'arrak to Khndzoresk
Khndzoresk to Khndzorut
Khnkoyan to Khoronk'
Khoronk' to Khosrov
Khosrov to Kichik Vedi
Kirgi to K'irs
K'irs to Kizilshafak
Kizilshafak to Koghes
Koghes to Kosh
Kotayk' to Krasar
Krasar to Kruglaya Shishka
Kruglaya Shishka to Kuris
Kuris to Kut'
Kutakan to Kyalashbek
Kyalashbek to Kyasaman
Kyurakyan to Kzylk'end
Kzylk'end to Lanjarr


Lanjarr to Lchashen
Lchashen to Lenughi
Lenughi to Lernantsk
Lernantsk to Lernavan
Lernavan to Lerrnadzor
Lerrnadzor to Lerrnanist
Lerrnanist to Lichkadzor
Lichkadzor to Lori Berd
Lori Berd to Lukashin
Lukashin to Lusagyugh
Lusagyugh to Lusakert
Lusakert to Madina


Madina to Makravan
Makravan to Mamai
Mamai to Maralzami
Maralzami to Margara
Margara to Marmashen
Marmashen to Martuni
Martuni to Masis
Masis to Medovka
Medovka to Meghvahovit
Meghvahovit to Merdzavan
Merdzavan to Mertsavan
Mertsavan to Mets Masrik
Mets Masrik to Mets Sariar
Mets Sariar to Metsamor
Metsamor to Metsavan
Metsavan to Mikhaylovka
Mikhaylovka to Monastyr' Gekhard
Mosesgegh to Mrgashat
Mrgashat to Mrgavan
Mrgavan to Mulk'i
Mulk'i to Musayelyan
Musayelyan to Muts'k'
Muts'k' to Nalband


Nalband to Navur
Navur to Nerkin Agdan
Nerkin Agdan to Nerk'in Girat'agh
Nerk'in Girat'agh to Nerk'in Kamarlu
Nerk'in Kamarlu to Nerk'in Khotanan
Nerk'in Sasunashen to Nerkin Talin
Niavan to Nor Amanos
Nor Amanos to Nor Artik
Nor Artik to Nor Gyugh
Nor Gyugh to Nor Kyank
Nor Kyank to Nor Sasunik
Nor Yedesia to Norabak
Norabak to Norakert
Norakert to Noramut
Noramut to Norashen
Norashen to Norashen
Norashen to Noratus
Noratus to Novosel'tsovo
Novosel'tsovo to Nubarashen
Nurrnus to Odzun


Odzun to Opartsi
Opartsi to Oshakan
Oshakan to Ovnanadzor
Ovtashen to P'ambak


P'ambak to P'anik
Papanino to P'arpi
P'arpi to Petrovka
Petrovka to P'irlu
Pkhrut to Pokr Ayrum
Pokr Ayrum to P'ok'r Sariar
P'ok'r Sariar to P'ok'r Vedi
P'ok'r Vedi to Poselok Imeni Kalinina
Poselok Imeni Kalinina to Pshatavan
Pshatavan to Ptghunk'
Ptghunk' to Rrind


Rrind to Salut


Salut to Samaghar
Samaghar to Sarahart'
Sarakap to Saralandzh
Saralandzh to Saramech
Saramech to Saratak
Saratak to Sarch'apet
Sarch'apet to Sarnakhpyur
Sarnakhpyur to Sarukhan
Sarukhan to Sers
Sers to Sevan
Sevan to Shaghat
Shaghik to Shahumyan
Shahumyan to Shamb
Shamb to Shamlugh
Shamlugh to Shatjrek
Shatjrek to Shavarut
Shavarut to Shenavan
Shenavan to Shenkani
Shenkani to Shikahogh
Shikahogh to Shirak
Shirak to Shishkert
Shnogh to Shrvenants'
Shrvenants' to Sipan
Sipan to Sis
Sis to Sisavan
Sisavan to Siznak
Siznak to Sorik
Sot'k' to Sovkhoz Nomer Shest'
Sovkhoz Nomer Shest' to Spandaryan
Spandaryan to Step'anavan
Step'anavan to Svarants'
Svarants' to Syunik'
Syunik' to Tala


Tala to Talish
Talish to Tandzaver
Tandzaver to Tapanli
Tapanli to Taronik
Taronik to Tashir
Tashir to Tat'ev
Tat'ev to T'azagyugh
Tegh to Tekhut
Tekhut to Tolors
Tolors to Torunik'
Torunik' to Tsaghkadzor
Tsaghkadzor to Tsaghkunk'
Tsaghkunk' to Tsakhkashat
Tsakhkashat to Tsamakaberd
Tsamakaberd to Tsap'at'agh
Tsap'at'agh to Tsghuk
Tsghuk to Tsiatsan
Tsiatsan to Tsovazard
Tsovazard to T't'ujur
T't'ujur to T'umanyan
T'umanyan to Ughedzor


Ughedzor to Urrut
Urrut to Urtsalanj
Urtsalanj to Uzhanis
Uzhanis to Vagramaberd


Vagramaberd to Vahan
Vahan to Vanadzor
Vanevan to Varagavan
Varagavan to Vardablur
Vardablur to Vardakhpyur
Vardakhpyur to Vardanavan
Vardanidzor to Vardenik
Vardenik to Vardenis
Vardenis to Vazashen
Vazashen to Verin Akhtala
Verin Akhtala to Verin Dzhrapi
Verin Dzhrashen to Verin Hand
Verin Hand to Verin Khotanan
Verin Khotanan to Verin Shorzha
Verin Shorzha to Verin-Kilisa
Verin-Kilisa to Verishen
Verishen to Verkhniy Zagalu
Verkhniy Zagalu to Voghjaberd
Voghjaberd to Vorotan
Vorotan to Voskehat
Voskehat to Vosketas
Vosketas to Vostan
Vostan to Yanygh


Yanykhpaya to Yegheg
Yegheg to Yeghegnavan
Yeghegnavan to Yeghegnut
Yeghipatrush to Yekhnik
Yelp'in to Yenokavan
Yenokavan to Yeraskhahun
Yeraskhahun to Yeremes
Yeremes to Zangakatun


Zangakatun to Zarr
Zarr to Zedea
Zhdanov to Zolak'ar
Zolak'ar to Zovaber
Zovaber to Zovasar
Zovashen to Zovk'
Zovk' to Zuygaghbyur

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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