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Abram to Bac Dich
Bai Cao to Bi Doup
Binh Ca to Bol Preau
Bol Tomoy to Bu Tiem
Bu Tre to Cao Troi


Cao Veou to Chu Bala
Chu Banak to Chu Boum
Chu Bra to Chu Dle Ya
Chu Dle Ya to Chu Ebur
Chu Gai to Chu Hoa
Chu Hong Krin to Chu Klah
Chu Klang to Chu Kung
Chu Kup to Chu Mnang
Chu Mnaye to Chu Mu Lanh
Chu Muari to Chu Pong
Chu Prat to Chu Rpan
Chu Rpan to Chu Tom Ria
Chu Tomoch to Chu Yang K'lih
Chu Yang Krinh to Co Kin
Co Ma to Co Ta Roun
Co Ta Roun to Coue Long
Coue Long to Dai Da Da


Dai Du to Dang Prui
Dang Quanh to Doi Co
Doi Coi to Dong Chau
Dong Chi Chi to Dong Ke Do
Dong Khe Me to Dong Song
Dong Ta Bang to Gia Muc


Gioc Yac to Ho Nhuay Dong


Ho Tao San to Hon Chat
Hon Chau to Hon Giu
Hon Giup to Hon Ong Binh
Hon Ria to Kakan Tadri


Kaluc Dai B to Khao Fa
Khao Fao to Khao Kom
Khao Koum to Khao Pa Len
Khao Pan to Khao Sam Sao
Khao Sam Tang to Khau Chai
Khau Chan to Khau Than
Khau Thiem to Kon Ka Kinh
Kon K'bang to Kong Buwep
Kong Choro to Kong Potau Bola
Kong R"de to Kouei Chong
Kouei Hao to Len Vut


Long Kay to M"neun San


M"neun Sougoune to M'neun Klour
M'neun Lam Leu to Nam Kang Ho Tao


Nam Lao to Ngok Brise
Ngok Cem Put to Ngok Luh
Ngok Lum Heo to Ngok Somon
Ngok Sut to Nor Kon Rol
Nor Ria to Nui Ba Den
Nui Ba Ho to Nui Bambouille
Nui Ban Bac to Nui Beo
Nui Bien to Nui Cac
Nui Cai to Nui Cham
Nui Chao Fun to Nui Chua
Nui Chua to Nui Da Bac
Nui Da Ban to Nui Dak
Nui Dam Tan to Nui Deo Goc
Nui Deo Kinh to Nui Dong
Nui Dong to Nui Dung Tom
Nui Ga to Nui Ha Gian
Nui Ha La Thuong to Nui Hoang Bo Lang
Nui Hoc Com to Nui Hon Kho
Nui Hon La to Nui Kea
Nui Kha to Nui Khe Pa
Nui Khe Sim to Nui La Hien
Nui Lac Ban to Nui Len
Nui Len Huo to Nui Ma Rai
Nui Ma Tac to Nui Mo Cheo
Nui Mo Ky to Nui Nam Moun
Nui Nam Moun to Nui Nhon
Nui Nhu Xuyen to Nui Ong Cau
Nui Ong Dau to Nui Pia Cao
Nui Pia Ma to Nui Sao
Nui Sao Co to Nui Ta Lua
Nui Ta Luong to Nui Tchoua
Nui Te to Nui Toc Nac Lec
Nui Toc Nac Lec to Nui Ung
Nui Uy Vien to Nui Xa Rong
Nui Xu Vang to Pa Nai


Pa Quan to Phou Sam Tie
Phou Tong Chinh to Phu Ca Mau
Phu Ca Nhap to Phu Cha Lom
Phu Chan to Phu Co Nhung
Phu Co Pi to Phu Dao
Phu Dao to Phu Giao
Phu Giau Khau to Phu Ho Nam Ma
Phu Ho Nam Ma to Phu Houei Mon
Phu Houei Nam to Phu Keo Sala
Phu Kha to Phu Khoa Y Tong
Phu Khuoi Bai to Phu Lang Lam
Phu Lang Lieng to Phu Luong
Phu Luong to Phu Mo
Phu Mo to Phu Na Long
Phu Na Nong to Phu Nam Luong
Phu Nam Ma to Phu Nam Sau
Phu Nam Sau to Phu Nhung
Phu Nien to Phu Pa Long
Phu Pa Long to Phu Pha Lom
Phu Pha Nha to Phu Pliec
Phu Po to Phu Sam Kap
Phu Sam Sao to Phu Sen
Phu Sen Tang to Phu Sur
Phu Ta Ca to Phu Tat Dom
Phu Tat Zian to Phu Tien Van
Phu Tiou to Phu Vi
Phu Xai to Pia Bioc
Pia Dan to Ru Banh


Ru Bo Bo to Ru Vac


Sai Vong Mo Leng to Tao Phoung Chan


Ten Hon to Tsi Can Ling
Tu Lap to Yok Dang N'glan


Yok Don to Yuk Dang Kong
Yuk Dang Kra Chau to Yuk Xeni

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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