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Alto Baila Mono to Cerro Aguacate
Cerro Aguacate to Cerro Banco
Cerro Banco to Cerro Buena Vista
Cerro Buena Vista to Cerro Canajaguita
Cerro Capacho to Cerro Colico
Cerro Colorado to Cerro de la Hambre
Cerro de la Mata de Cana to Cerro El Mamey
Cerro el Micho to Cerro Espinazo de Caballo
Cerro Espinazo de Caballo to Cerro Gavilan
Cerro Gavilan to Cerro Grito
Cerro Guacal to Cerro Horqueta
Cerro Horqueta to Cerro la Corocita
Cerro La Cruz to Cerro La Pena
Cerro La Pita to Cerro Las Mesitas
Cerro Las Penas to Cerro Madera
Cerro Maiz to Cerro Mono Zoco
Cerro Montanuela to Cerro Pajal
Cerro Pajita to Cerro Pelado
Cerro Pelado to Cerro Perro
Cerro Pianista to Cerro Pon La Olla
Cerro Portorricos to Cerro San Francisco
Cerro San Francisco to Cerro Tacarcuna
Cerro Tacarcuna to Cerro Tuza
Cerro Uraba to Cordillera de la Colorada
Cordillera de Noneca to Loma de La Honda


Loma de La Palma to Loma Grande
Loma Grande to Loma Quebrada La Palma
Loma Redonda to Temartaket Yala

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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