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`Arishah to Humrah
Jabal `Amud to Jabal Abu Tarif
Jabal Abu Thawab to Jabal al Buq`an
Jabal al Burj to Jabal al Hirba'
Jabal al Hirmasi to Jabal al Madhbah
Jabal al Mahalah to Jabal al Qulay`ah
Jabal al Qurayn to Jabal as Siha'
Jabal as Sinaf to Jabal Athl Hayran
Jabal az Zahirah to Jabal Ihsi Qahwash
Jabal Jannat to Jabal Mi`zan
Jabal Mubarak to Jabal Safra' Umruq
Jabal Safrat Khalifah to Jabal Umm `Aldah
Jabal Umm `Ushsh to Jabal Zubayrah
Jibal Abu Gharab to Jibal Lusayyis
Jibal Sufuh al Hawa' to Ra"s Birqish


Ra's Abu Dayyah to Shihan


Tall Abu `Iyad to Zahrat as Safa'

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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