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Agua Blanca to Cerro Achiotes
Cerro Agaltela to Cerro Amargal
Cerro Amarillo to Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul to Cerro Blanquillo
Cerro Bonete to Cerro Brujo
Cerro Brujo to Cerro Cacahuatal
Cerro Cacalotepe to Cerro Caleros
Cerro Caliche to Cerro Campanillas
Cerro Campuquin to Cerro Caraguis
Cerro Caral to Cerro Caulotes
Cerro Caunapa to Cerro Charasca
Cerro Charcos to Cerro Cipalo
Cerro Cita to Cerro Copante
Cerro Copantillo to Cerro Crucita
Cerro Crucitas to Cerro Cuyamel
Cerro Danta to Cerro de Guanacao
Cerro de Guasucaran to Cerro de Las Cuevas
Cerro de las Lomas to Cerro de Piedras
Cerro de Potosi to Cerro del Chile
Cerro del Chivas to Cerro Divisadero
Cerro Docomora to Cerro El Alumbrador
Cerro El Anzuelo to Cerro El Carbon
Cerro El Carrizal to Cerro El Crisa
Cerro El Cutal to Cerro El Horno
Cerro El Infiernito to Cerro El Mogote
Cerro El Mogote to Cerro El Penon
Cerro El Perico to Cerro El Pozo
Cerro El Retiro to Cerro El Toro
Cerro El Triunfo to Cerro Enea
Cerro Epaquire to Cerro Gacho
Cerro Galan to Cerro Grande
Cerro Grande to Cerro Grande
Cerro Grande to Cerro Guacamaya
Cerro Guajoco to Cerro Guarumas
Cerro Guasapali to Cerro Horquetas
Cerro Huehuetepe to Cerro Justina
Cerro Kum Kum to Cerro La Crucita
Cerro La Crucita to Cerro La Lima
Cerro La Lona to Cerro La Pena
Cerro La Pena to Cerro La Torre
Cerro La Travesia to Cerro Las Calzonten
Cerro Las Colmenas to Cerro Las Piedras
Cerro Las Piedras to Cerro Libauce
Cerro Limon to Cerro Los Estiquirines
Cerro Los Frailes to Cerro Maguelar
Cerro Magueles to Cerro Martin
Cerro Masica to Cerro Mina
Cerro Minitas to Cerro Molotan
Cerro Momotombo to Cerro Nance
Cerro Nance to Cerro Ocotalitos
Cerro Ocote Chingo to Cerro Pacaya
Cerro Pacayal to Cerro Pando
Cerro Panila to Cerro Peineta
Cerro Pelon to Cerro Penitas
Cerro Penon to Cerro Piedra Blanca
Cerro Piedra del Gigante to Cerro Pisote
Cerro Pizotal to Cerro Preguntame
Cerro Pucura to Cerro Redondillo
Cerro Redondo to Cerro San Antonio
Cerro San Antonio to Cerro San Juan
Cerro San Lorenzo to Cerro Silon
Cerro Singore to Cerro Tamara
Cerro Tambla to Cerro Texiguat
Cerro Tierra Blanca to Cerro Tranquilas
Cerro Triciyo to Cerro Verde
Cerro Verde to Cerro Zacate
Cerro Zaparrugo to Cerro Zuyate
Cerro Zuyate to El Cerro


El Cerro Grande to El Sillon
El Tablon to La Montanita


La Montanita to Loma Cruz
Loma de Colon to Masaya


Maton de Cana to Montana del Mono
Montana del Mono to Monte Bellotas
Monte Blanco to Monte Chaguiton
Monte Chaparral to Monte del Zope
Monte El Boqueron to Monte Empira
Monte Enmedio to Monte La Chorcha
Monte La Coroza to Monte Lepaca
Monte Lepaquita to Monte Palenque
Monte Palmar to Monte Rodeo
Monte Salitre to Monte Volcan de Guaimaca
Monte Zacate to Pico Bonito


Pico Cabanas to Pico Zapotal
Pinabetal to Tenampua


Terrero del Estanco to Zampopero

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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