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Cerro Agua Escondida to Cerro Brujo
Cerro Brujo to Cerro Choguero
Cerro Cimarron to Cerro de Oro
Cerro El Aguacate to Cerro El Chaparral
Cerro El Chicharron to Cerro El Guazimal
Cerro El Hormiguero to Cerro El Panecito
Cerro El Pason to Cerro El Volcan de Torola
Cerro El Volcancillo to Cerro Joya Grande
Cerro Juana Pancha to Cerro La Montanita
Cerro La Olla to Cerro Las Victorias
Cerro Las Visiones to Cerro Masatepeque
Cerro Mascaron to Cerro Pena Blanca
Cerro Pena de Cayaguanca to Cerro San Joaquin
Cerro San Joaquin to Loma El Castillo


Loma El Chayal to Loma Panela
Loma Pena Blanca to Volcan de Guazapa

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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