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`Idwat al Milh to Al Munaydirah as Sughayyarah
An Nuhud to Gebel Tarbush el-Museiri


Gebel Tarfa to Jabal `Ujar


Jabal `Ujayyib to Jabal Abu Burayj
Jabal Abu Burush to Jabal Abu Hamamid
Jabal Abu Harbah to Jabal Abu Marwah
Jabal Abu Mas`ud to Jabal Abu Shihat
Jabal Abu Surah to Jabal ad Duwayq
Jabal Adkar to Jabal al `Usaylah
Jabal al `Ushsh to Jabal al Barqah
Jabal al Barqah to Jabal al Hamrah
Jabal al Hamzah to Jabal al Jirbah
Jabal al Jiyushiyah to Jabal al Magharah
Jabal al Mahash to Jabal al Muwayh
Jabal al Muwaylih to Jabal an Nazzi
Jabal an Nuhaydat as Sud to Jabal as Safra
Jabal as Sarubi to Jabal at Tawilah
Jabal at Tawilah to Jabal Barqah
Jabal Barqah to Jabal Dalfah
Jabal Darah to Jabal Gharrah
Jabal Ghawab to Jabal Hadrabiyah
Jabal Hafafit to Jabal Harhajit
Jabal Hasanawiyah to Jabal Humayrah
Jabal Humayyir to Jabal Jannah
Jabal Jarwi to Jabal Kaum Mayr
Jabal Kaum Mayr to Jabal Kifri
Jabal Kulyayt to Jabal Manqul
Jabal Mansuri to Jabal Mukaymin
Jabal Mulayhis to Jabal Muzayrah
Jabal Na`amiyah to Jabal Nuqarah
Jabal Nuqaybat to Jabal Qulu` as Sabaya
Jabal Qunay to Jabal Sabbagh
Jabal Sahabah to Jabal Shawshaw
Jabal Shaykh al `Arab to Jabal Sufr Abu Hadh
Jabal Sufr ad Dubb to Jabal Tarbtie
Jabal Tarbush to Jabal Umm `Arkah
Jabal Umm `Asajil to Jabal Umm at Tuyur al Fawqani
Jabal Umm at Tuyur at Tahtani to Jabal Umm Harbah
Jabal Umm Harbah to Jabal Umm Kurush
Jabal Umm Kuthayrah to Jabal Umm Qiraf
Jabal Umm Qubur to Jabal Umm Sawwan
Jabal Umm Sayalah to Jabal Umm Zaytah
Jabal Unfayb to Jebel Libnin


Kawlat al Baqar to Ra's al Jundi


Ra's al Qalb to Umm Ra's

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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