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Aguada Carolina to Lago Catemaco
Lago Chancanab to Lago El Salado
Lago El Salitre to Lago Mar Negro
Lago Mariquita to Lago Tixla
Lago Tortuguero to Laguna Atascadero
Laguna Azogueros to Laguna Chalpan
Laguna Chama to Laguna Concepcion
Laguna Cornejo to Laguna de Cohuirimpo
Laguna de Dos Reales to Laguna de los Palos
Laguna de Palomas to Laguna del Saladillo
Laguna del Tule to Laguna El Jabali
Laguna El Lechugal to Laguna El Rabon
Laguna el Repastito to Laguna Espejo
Laguna Garzas to Laguna Jamolun
Laguna Jaso to Laguna La Loma
Laguna La Majada to Laguna La Tortuga
Laguna La Valeriana to Laguna Lavaderos
Laguna Limonar to Laguna Metztitlan
Laguna Mexico to Laguna Palma Sola
Laguna Palomas to Laguna Salsipuedes
Laguna San Andre to Laguna Santa Maria
Laguna Santa Rosa to Laguna Tasajera
Laguna Tecocomulco to Laguna Viboras
Laguna Vieja to Presa de Huapango


Presa de la Boquilla to San Marco

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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