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Acres Lough to Akeragh Lough
Altan Lough to Annagose Lough
Ardagh Lough to Ardrea Lough
Arinagh Lough to Ballagh Lough


Ballaghfill Lough to Ballycong Lough
Ballycuirke Lough to Ballynakill Lough
Ballynakill Lough to Barnagrow Lough
Barnagrow Lough to Bekan Lough
Belhavel Lough to Black Lough
Black Lough to Bocks Lough
Bocks Lough to Bridget Lough
Bridget Lough to Bunerky Lough
Bunnaboghee Lough to Camagh Lough


Camagh Lough to Carraghfin Lough
Carratraw Lough to Carrowbeg Lough
Carrowkeribly Lough to Castle Lough
Castle Lough to Cleaneath Lough
Cleaneath Lough to Clonty Lough
Clonty Lough to Cloondoorney Lough
Clooney Lough to Colgagh Lough
Colgagh Lough to Coolturtaun Lough
Coolturtaun Lough to Coomrooania Lough
Coomrooania Lough to Cornaglare Lough
Cornaglare Lough to Corraneary Lough
Corraneary Lough to Courhoor Lough
Courhoor Lough to Cronloughan
Cronloughan to Cummeenadillure Lough
Cummeenslaun Lake to Dernaweel Lough


Derreen Lough to Derrygeena Lough
Derrygeena Lough to Derrymore Lough
Derrymore Lough to Doo Lough
Doo Lough to Dooletter Lough
Doon Lough to Dromore Lough
Drongown Lough to Drumcollop Lough
Drumcollop Lough to Drumgun Lough
Drumgun Lough to Drumleen Lough
Drumleen Lough to Drumroosk Lough
Drumroosk Lough to Easky Lough


Edenterriff Lough to Farrantureen Lough


Farrantureen Lough to Fin Lough
Fin Lough to Gartan Lough


Gartan Lough to Glaskeeragh Lough
Glaskeeragh Lough to Glencar Lough
Glencoagh Lough to Golard Lough
Gortachalla Lough to Grantstown Lough
Greaghlone Lough to Inchiquin Lough


Inishmuck Lough to Keamnabricka Lake


Keel Lough to Kilcorran Lough
Kilglass Lough to Killybern Lough
Killyboley Lough to Kilmore Lake
Kilnamar Lough to Knockaglana Lough
Knockaturly Lough to Lambs Lough


Lannagh Lough to Lettermore
Lettermore to Loch Gartain
Loch Gartain to Lough Aclearig
Lough Acloghbolie to Lough Acummeen
Lough Adanacleveen to Lough Adooraun
Lough Adooraun to Lough Agh
Lough Agh to Lough Akit
Lough Akit to Lough Altmanus
Lough Altmanus to Lough Anarry
Lough Anarry to Lough Anoneen
Lough Anoneen to Lough Aportan
Lough Ard to Lough Atalia
Lough Atalia to Lough Atlea
Lough Atlea to Lough Avally
Lough Avally to Lough Bane
Lough Barderg to Lough Bealanambrack
Lough Beg to Lough Bola
Lough Bola to Lough Bray Lower
Lough Bray Lower to Lough Callee
Lough Cam to Lough Carrignamork
Lough Caum to Lough Connell
Lough Conway to Lough Corraundahy
Lough Corrib to Lough Crockaillenalee
Lough Crockaillenalee to Lough Cummeennapeasta
Lough Cummernamuck to Lough Derravaragh
Lough Derreenadavodia to Lough Doo
Lough Doo to Lough Duff
Lough Duff to Lough Emlaghnabehy
Lough Emlaghnabehy to Lough Fad
Lough Fadda to Lough Fadda
Lough Fadda to Lough Finn
Lough Finn to Lough Gal
Lough Gal to Lough Garrive
Lough Garrow to Lough Glenawough
Lough Glore to Lough Graney
Lough Graney to Lough Illauntrasna
Lough Inagh to Lough Keal
Lough Keal to Lough Kimoteen
Lough Kimoteen to Lough Lee
Lough Lee to Lough Magrath More
Lough Mallard to Lough Melvin
Lough Melvin to Lough More
Lough More to Lough Muck
Lough Muilt to Lough Nabirria
Lough Nablahy to Lough Nabrock
Lough Nabrock to Lough Nacreeva
Lough Nacroaghy to Lough Nafullow
Lough Nafullow to Lough Nageltia
Lough Nagilly to Lough Nagreagh
Lough Nagreany to Lough Nahinch
Lough Nahinch to Lough Namaddy
Lough Namaddy to Lough Nambrackderg
Lough Nambrackkeagh to Lough Naminna
Lough Namna to Lough Naneerin
Lough Naneeve to Lough Nashade
Lough Nashade to Lough Natawny
Lough Natawny to Lough Naweela
Lough Naweela to Lough O'Flynn
Lough O'Flynn to Lough Pollrory
Lough Pollrory to Lough Ree
Lough Reelan to Lough Salt
Lough Salt to Lough Shivnagh
Lough Shore to Lough Talt
Lough Tanny to Lough Ultan
Lough Ultan to Lough Veigha
Lough Veigha to Loughanillaunmore
Loughanillaunmore to Lougherglass
Lougherglass to Manter Eolus Lough


Maumeen Lough to Moanmore Lough
Moher Lough to Muckanagh Lough
Muckanagh Lough to Mweelin Lough
Mweelin Lough to Parisee Lough


Parisee Lough to Raheen Lough


Ranny Lough to Roonah Lough
Roosky Lough to Saineaghmore Lough


Saint Johns Lough to Shanakeever Lough
Shanakeever Lough to Shantemon Lough
Shantemon Lough to Sraheens Lough
Sraheens Lough to Teereen Lough


Templehouse Lake to Town Lough
Town Lough to Tullaher Lough
Tullinlough to Tullyhork Lough
Tullylorcan Lough to White Lough


Wood Lough to Wood Lough

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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