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Charca Guarinocito to Cienaga Cachimbero
Cienaga Caiman to Cienaga Chimborazo
Cienaga Chircal to Cienaga de Curvaradocito
Cienaga de El Negro to Cienaga de Pajaral
Cienaga de Palagua to Cienaga de Zarate
Cienaga de Zura to Cienaga El Bolvera
Cienaga El Cauca to Cienaga El Potrero
Cienaga El Rodeo to Cienaga Gualizo
Cienaga Guamal to Cienaga La Cira
Cienaga La Cochera to Cienaga La Sardina
Cienaga La Sierpe to Cienaga Los Bagres
Cienaga Los Caimanes to Cienaga Mata Tigre
Cienaga Matahambre to Cienaga Pajaral
Cienaga Pajaral to Cienaga Ponedera
Cienaga Porquera to Cienaga San Silvestre
Cienaga Santa Elena to Cienaga Yariri
Cienaga Zarzal to Lago Miramar


Lago Mure to Laguna Berlin
Laguna Bolsa to Laguna Camuara
Laguna Canoas to Laguna Chula
Laguna Chupadero to Laguna de Guane
Laguna de Guateque to Laguna del Lipa
Laguna del Medio to Laguna El Encanto
Laguna El Encanto to Laguna El Viso
Laguna Encanto to Laguna Guarataro
Laguna Guarataro to Laguna La Campana
Laguna La Catalina to Laguna La Media Luna
Laguna La Morenera to Laguna Larga
Laguna Las Brisas to Laguna Los Chiguires
Laguna Los Chorros to Laguna Matamata
Laguna Media Luna to Laguna Ocubi Chica
Laguna Ocubi Grande to Laguna Pino
Laguna Puerpuela to Laguna Santa Rosa
Laguna Santa Teresa to Laguna Terrorosa
Laguna Tigre to Laguna Verde
Laguna Verde to Urella

Source: US National Imagery and Mapping Agency
Unless otherwise noted, information in this page is accurate as of January 22, 2006

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